Too High to go to Work/School? Test Yourself

Discussion in 'General' started by imprettygood, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. i "accidentally" got high on my way to work the other i was getting closer, and closer to work i started to get more paranoid because of how high i was. i knew it was definitely time to stop zoning out to music and start SHARPENING my skills. i was totally zonked out but it was time to snap back into it because i was way too high to show up to work like this. then i's all about mind control. driving is a perfect strategy, when used correctly, to bring the "soberness" back in you. and it all starts with mini-games that you can play with yourself, where nobody else knows, without breaking any traffic laws...sounds weird, but it's been working...
    for example, while stoned...if you are at a stop light, don't zone out, pay attention to the light. test your reaction time when the light turns green. gain a sense of how YOU feel. don't be a nascar driver, just have the feeling knowing you are a better driver than the guy next to you even though you are high.
    another example...on the freeway driving. i found myself testing my timing while driving baked...all you gotta do is try not to touch the dashed lines when making a lane change. once again, sounds weird...but it's a simple game of "don't touch the lines" that you can play to yourself. AND IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY HARD TO DO. nobody knows what you're trying to do, you're not breaking laws, and you're gaining a better sense of how high you are.
    if these little tips help, then you're probably not too high to show up for work or school. if any of these tips fail you, then you're probably way too fucking high.
    my main reason for posting this: what do you guys think? do you have any similar ideas? or at least have an understanding of where i'm coming from?

  2. :laughing:
  3. i just imagine me looking at myself, watching me from another point of veiw and just think to my self "do i look high?"
  4. HAHA the eyes weren't puffy, i had that's more of a situation i gonna be able to finish a sentence with the first person i talk to??? am i gonna stare at the wall???
  5. yea definitely. i self check all the time when i bake before school/work whatever.
  6. I just don't fuckin' care.:cool:
  7. I think ur higher
  8. i don't even know why i posted that...i'm always too high to care anyways. either way i'm gonna be high. like it or not. BOSS.
  9. If you think this stuff makes sense, you're too high.

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