Too high temp?

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  1. [​IMG] so these temps are very unusual to me I usually get temps like 69-78 Rh: 40-60 but I heard that as long as humidity is down that if the temp does not exceed 95 it’s okay? Is this true? And also I thought humidity would be a problem is it supposed to be like this is my thermometer gookin out? Should I get a new one or this is normal? Thx in advance :)

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  2. My ballast is also not even on the highest setting it still has 600 watts and a super lumen mode?? So I’d like to know before needing it at 600 for flower so I don’t burn my flowers :)

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  3. Yes too high , Are you using hps
  4. Some strains can take the heat as most sativas even sativa hybrids can

    Leave the ballast out door the tent: you made no mention as to the strain you have

    ps leave the door even window open even hookup an STS1000 to a fan( I have 5 .lololol)

  5. Do you have a carbon filter set up with negative pressure? Ever think about running your lights at night when it’s cooler? Are you exhausting in the same room? Feeding silica helps the plant maintain in high temps.
  6. Well I’m going paycheck by paycheck next week I’m planning to get the whole carbon filter setup with this fan that controls humidity and temp it looks promising but that’s next week and the worst part is it’s a bag seed so I have no idea it’s really lengthy and the leaves are small not indica like but the stems are dark purple so I have no clue but it’s growing pretty well the past two days besides temps

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  7. And I only have one fan under it blowing up but getting an exhaust still help this right?

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  8. It is advisable not to rely on only 1 hygrometer especially since these are typically pretty cheap components with not the greatest accuracy.

    As for your current temp and humidity you want to correct address that ASAP, based on those readings your plants are struggling with around a 3.0 kPa! That is really high, for veg phase you want to be right around the 1.0 kPa mark. Take a look at the chart to help make sense of those numbers.

    Without knowing more of your setup there isn't much more anyone can advise you of.
  9. Open faced reflector or a cool hood/tube?

    Get a cool hood if you have an open faced light

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