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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fox, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. During a recent check of my budding girls, I notices that the seed pods had, well, SEEDS in them! FUCKING HELL!
    The plants aren't hermies (I've checked a dozen times) and I couldn't figure out what had happened.
    Then, as if struck by some kind of inspiration, I took a peek over my neighbours fence and guess what i saw?
    A great, big, dirty, 6 foot male plant right up against the fenceline. Bastard!
    It's pollen pods were already open and I figured that this was the culprit. So...
    I tore the fucker out and dumped it on his front doorstep at night for the whole world to see. I don't know if he got busted for it but I don't really give a fuck.
    Was this a bit too harsh? What d'yall think?
  2. Maybe be a little bit he might not have known what he was doing and just think about it this way we all have to stick together we cant be going around trying to get people busted maybe you should show this guy the real way to grow i would think it would be cool if my neighbours grew weed im sure we would get along great.

    maybe you should try talking to him

    but on the other hand they where not my plants I would have got mad to but I might have handle it different but its ok just go talk to him im sure it will all work out
  3. but had it been anyone other than this cunt, I would have acted differently. the thing is we have a bit of a history and there is certainly no love lost between us. He ripped two of my plants a year ago (I can't prove it but I'm pretty sure) before they had even flowered(what a dickhead). I don't want to help him grow. I want him to die horribly(just kidding).
  4. all right you made me laugh!!!

    you might have a point lolol
  5. lately, things i have sponteaneously (thats along word when you dont know how to spell...just so you know) thought about, seem to be happening almost within minutes and hours. very neat. just today I thought out of nowhere.. "i wonder if anyones nice all female crop had been shot to hell with someone elses pollen from some other house... i even ventured to think (uh oh) that if they were really serious about erradicating pot, all theyd have to do is grow a nice large male crop and send the pollen via the air... that would make lotsa people happy now wouldnt it. hopefully this thoguht turns out to be just that... but point is, i come on here and what do I thought, just hours after it was thought of.

    i found this neat.

    take care.

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