Too good with my fingers?!

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  1. Ok so my girl who ive been seeing for about a month now wants to wait to have sex. Now im not a douche so I respect that, and shes a nice girl and goes down on me so I dont mind to much.

    At first she was like I dont want our relationship to be all about this stuff (sexual things) and im like alright.. Knowing she cant withstand the hornyness I bring on to her. Anyway I finger her nearly everyday now, and each time she gets an average of two orgasms. So after a month now has she just settled for my fingers?! Cause they seem to be getting the job done pretty well. And ladies, is 2 orgasms from foreplay normal?
  2. dude, just go down on her and use your fingers at the same time, works wonders for sure, she would love it
  3. I don't blame her for settling for the fingers. Seriously, a vast number of women cannot orgasm with vaginal penetration alone AND, there's no risk for pregnancy. :D

    ETA: And I'm not going to "stroke" your ego about what # of orgasms is normal. Really? That's your question.

  4. Actually, he asked how many during foreplay.
  5. If you guys aren't having sexual intercourse, fingering isn't foreplay.
    And no, 2 orgasms per session is nothing special.
  6. Chill brah it's only been a month, how old are you?? You'll get it in soon, she's probs just a bit shy and has morals so it'll take longer than a month.
  7. Truth.

    Besides, the girls who hold it back are generally the ones actually worth being in a relationship with anyway. The longer she holds it back, the more the anticipation will build, and the more satisfying it's going to be for both of you when you do it. Stick with it brother.


  8. This^. I don't think she is settling for your fingers, she is just not comfortable giving herself up to someone for sex right now. If this is an issue between you two, you need to talk to her about it.
  9. Word guys thanks, shes deffinitely a keeper. I shes waiting with me, I know I can trust her not to go around sleeping with other guys. Were both 19 and I am not a virgin by any means, I think itll definitely be worth the wait and like I said, I dont mind to much because shes worth it.

  10. Good to hear man :) The wait will definitely be worth it for you if you really do like her and this is more than a sexual prospect for you.

    And in my experience, a girl who can easily orgasm by fingers can even more easily orgasm during sex. People who can't cum when they're being fingered generally have a harder time letting go and really experiencing the pleasure. So, in that aspect, I think you will also be just fine :)
  11. well it seems your only option is to break one of your fingers and get a cast, that when you can be like
    "golly my fingers seem to be broken, i guess we will just have to fuck"
  12. [quote name='"Canada x 420"']well it seems your only option is to break one of your fingers and get a cast, that when you can be like
    "golly my fingers seem to be broken, i guess we will just have to fuck"[/quote]

    Hahaha breaking ten fingers for sex? Ill keep it in mind if I get to desperate, but how in the world do you break a tounge..
  13. when youre both nude and making out and jerking each other off haha, pull her on top of you and keep kissing her, act like you arent in a fucking position. shell probably start doing this dry hump motion, and just let your dick sit there, all hard and what not. every once and awhile let your dicks head touch her vagina haha. she wont be able to resist XD

  14. [​IMG]
  15. this had me giggling like a schoolgirl for a good minute haha
  16. This man has a brilliant plan, once the tip of the cock starts teasing their pussy they can never resist!
  17. that is actually true. well played.

    but yeah, good on you for respecting her wishes! it's nice when dudes recognize that a lady has other merits than just sex, you know?

    also, believe me when i say that she's thought about it. it's likely she just feels uncomfortable bringing it up, it's a hard conversation to have for some. if i were you i'd gently approach the subject, ask her what she wants and how she likes it and how she feels about it. chances are she'll be pretty open with you!

    it's pretty silly how reluctant we all are about having these kinds of conversations, when really good sex only comes out of a place of trust and understanding.
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  19. Ive tried that already =p she knew it was their and was basically going crazy cause I never finished her off on purpose. Pretty sure it would work on just about anyone else though ;)

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