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Too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EliToker, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. So, I have this friend who has supposedly come across an amazing connection. I'm sure that most of you who've been around for a while have heard of really cheep reefer coming out of Texas. This kid is supposedly going to be able to get ounces for $50 of what has been described to him as great pot. This would be great for me as it would come out to $200 QPs all summer and a close friend with a huge stash. I won't go into the details on the connection, but it acutally sounds somewhat legit to me. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with similar deals coming through or falling apart? Also, if there are any Texans out there, what do y'all think. I know you guys have some amazing prices on weed, but is a $50 ounce of good shit out of the question (this price is for some pretty big quantity, several pounds at least.) This isn't one of those questions where I'm actually planning on doing this, so feel free to say it sounds like bullshit. If it makes any difference to anyone, this connection also supposedly sells large quantities of cocaine, also for excellent prices (too bad I don't do coke, I guess.) Thans for any input you guys have.
  2. ya that sounds pretty fucking kewl, but around here in az, our ounces are 90$, and my dealer hooks me up for only 60$!
  3. no dood i live in arizona too and around where i live its around 60-65 and oz and i usually get mine for like 35-40
  4. Cheapest places to get pot in texas are austin, houston, and el paso.. Our town is controlled by a series of dealers who get hooked up all by one guy.. that guy then goes to dallas, autsin, and houston. But of course those cities have way, way more connections than my town.. Its like a monolopy here, it sux..
  5. as with any thing that seems too good to be true... it usually is ....

    even if u could get this.. it would either be low grade commercial, or you'd end up being stuck in a deal with some dodgers who (obviously) are just in it for the business... and we all know what business and the drug trade is like....

    either way... it sounds too good to be true.

    but if you could get a sample Oz at teh same price... hehe ;) :D go for it!
  6. Well,
    You know they say that everything in Texas is bigger, and I know this to be true from a personal experience I had a few years back when I was passin thru the Lone Star state:
    I had stopped in to this little honkytonk in a small town... I can't remember exactly what the name was...but I think it was just outside of Aransas Pass...
    Anyway, I pulled up a stool at the bar, and ordered myself a mug of beer, (seemed like a good deal, at a buck a glass) Well, when the bartender brought me my glass, I was totally blown away - that damn thing was so big, I could barely get both arms around it...I kid you not!
    Anyway, I had barely finished half of that sucker, when I realized that I had to take me one helluva mean, Texas-sized double barreled piss, so I asked the bartender where the bathroom was, and he told me "out the front door, and two doors down the street, to your left".
    Pulling myself up off of that barstool, I suddenly realized how much of a buzz I was getting and, I gotta tell you, it was about all I could do to walk a straight line out the front door, and two doors the fisrt door on my...???? ...did he say left? or right?...
    Well, I did the "eeny meeny miney mo" thing, and ended up going into the door on my right, which, as I later found out led directly into the swimming pool of the YMCA....
    I don't remember much about what happened next, I guess someone pulled me out and gave me CPR. About the last thing I remember, before everything went black, was floundering around in the water, hollering "DON'T FLUSH IT"!!!...
  7. nice story^^^

    and that deal sounds too good to be true, be careful. juest be careful

  8. It's probably the kind of weed that is so dry, dust flies off when you're breaking it up.. lol a friend of mine had some of that shit the other day. Reminded me of nasty, nasty tobacco.
  9. In the southwest that's a fair price, i've gotten oz's for $20 before and there's good stuff going around. Some of the best weed i've ever toked was from a $60oz.

  10. I would seriously recommend requesting a small sample before you buy, and whatever you do, don't fall victim to the old "bait and switch".
    Remember, when something sounds "too good to be true" usually is.
  11. Straight north of you it's about $100 an oz. here. It comes from Texas via another midwestern city. Has been consistent for 3 years. 3 hits off the pipe makes me nice and toasty.

    Might as well try it out and see. You don't have to sign a contract or anything do ya.

    Above all.


    Large amounts mean bad things if caught.
  12. i live in houston and ounces vary w/qualities of weed. you can get shitty ass shit weed for $20 an Oz. or some dank dro for 150-200 for an Oz. Weed is pretty cheap in texas and i usually pay $40 for an Oz. for some nice shit, but i live in a city w/really cheap shit. i personally wouldnt buy it w/o looking it over and sampling a bit.
  13. new york sux balls here a O of shwaags cost like 90 and unless u have a hookup some good shit is like 300 a O and really great shit can be like 400 a O even with a really good hookup if i wante an oz of some great shit it would cost me 250
  14. When I had a good connect in TX I was getting real good shit for $80 an oz. That's in North texas. In el paso, people I knew there used to give it away, one of the perks of being in a band I guess.

  15. i guess it depends where in ny you are...... those are avg prices..... i guess not where i am on the island though...
  16. i live in texas from houston to san antonio its 50 a ounce of schwag. it may be good reggie but its not gonna be no bomb ass dody or somethin. oz of dody/dro/watever u wanna call it is like 325-350. ur not getting ripped off tho unless hes telling you its dro
  17. Im on the Island as well man and I get DANK O's for $300 but what is this I hear of $30-$60 ounces shit must be schwag central in Texas. Sorry but no even half decent pot is that cheap.

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