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    I found this 1 I found this 18 watt full spectrum led for only $4 and some other ones for even cheaper.
    I plan to add it to my existing lights do you think they are any good?
    If they are then I can get 10 of them for $40 equaling 180 watts of LED n that would be amazing!

  2. Your leaving out the cost of 10 sockets and the cord and plug. And the fire danger that all would present, plus the cord wrapped all around will be a mess. It wouldn't necessarily hurt anything, but the benefits would be minimal. Seems like something that would eventually just be a regret. But hey, someone needs to be the Guinea pig, so go ahead and try it. Report back. Seem cheaply made in the pic on eBay too.
  3. word so they should work good then?

    I got all the sockets and stuff already. I just plan to add it to my lights I got already.

    So the 18w is just as good as a more expensive well made 18w right? Give or take
  4. Hard to say man but I can see it's 18 individual led lights so each one is ran at full strength. The reason led fixtures say 300 and only pull 140-160 watts is to make them last longer and cut back on heat so I'll say this for sure they'll run hot, you'll have to keep them close, and they won't last as long as actual led growlights. That said if you do use them I'll be right there watching to see how they work. If you want a for sure grow stick with cfls or research on cfl equivalent leds(what you have linked here) either way keep us updated man. More posts to come as my brain starts working again haha

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    i was just going to add them to my CFLs. So I am sticking with CFLs but hoping this might give me that extra kick that people say CFL just can't do during flowering.

    What do you mean "hot"? Like CFL hot max right? Says " warm to the touch but will not burn"
    My CFLs burn if u hold em so any better than that and I'm good.

    5 = 90w. Add that to my 250-500w of CFL and I should be able to flower nicely.

    Heres to hoping!
  6. Not sure how hot they will get just saw they're ran full strength. I'm sure they'll be cooler than cfls though

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  7. Hey, How are the eBay led light working out for you? I was thinking about purchasing those same led lights about a week ago but didn't cus I was worried that they would suck

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