Too funny

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  1. Too funny
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 9,14,2012

    This cracked me up.
    Opponents of Massachusetts Marijuana Initiative Accidentally Advertise a Spoof of Themselves (Jacob Sullum at Hit and Run)
    The official voters' guide that was mailed to every household in Massachusetts beginning last week includes a Web address for the No on Question 3 committee, which is urging voters to reject a ballot initiative that would legalize the medical use of marijuana and authorize dispensaries where patients can obtain it.
    The address, logically enough, is, but the committee settled on that name without bothering to register it. Whoops.

    On Tuesday a savvy satirist registered the URL, where you can now find Onion-esque items with headlines such as “FACT: Marijuana Is the Gateway Drug to Twinkies,” “FACT: No Marijuana User Has Ever Been Successful” (above a collage of famous pot smokers' photos), and “Elementary School Counselor Speaks Out Against Medical Marijuana” (quoting Mr. Mackey, the guidance counselor on South Park).

    No on Question 3 spokesman (and former ONDCP official) Kevin Sabet told The Boston Globe, “It's funny and upsetting, I guess, at the same time.” No, it's just funny.
    Yeah, Jacob's right. It's just funny.

    According to the article, they even first blamed medical marijuana supporters for their mistake:
    The group sent out a press release saying proponents of medical marijuana were tampering with the democratic process through “underhanded efforts.” But, Sabet said, the committee made a mistake.
    Go check out the spoof website. It's a real blast!


    [Note: I really didn't plan on even mentioning Kevin's name for awhile, but he just keeps popping up everywhere as the voice of prohibition.]
  2. Thats awesome. Thanks for the post. That just about sums it up. I thought it was pretty funny. Its the truth though. Keep marijuana illegal and we keep the drug dealers employed. Most of them may have real day jobs, but legalization would definitely take away their 2nd job or drug dealing job.
  3. LOL, this part is too funny. Check this out.


    "FACT: Marijuana is the Gateway Drug to Twinkies

    It’s a well known fact that smoking marijuana can lead to a dependency on Twinkies. If medical marijuana were legalized in Massachusetts, the increase in Twinkie consumption could possibly lead to shortages of Twinkies across the Bay State, much as Boston suffers from a shortage of Twinkies every September during and following the Boston Freedom Rally.

    Without Twinkies, we Massachusetts residents will be forced to eat Snowballs and other undesirable snacks that are left behind on store shelves.

    Do you really want your children growing up in a world without Twinkies?

    Vote NO on Question 3."

    FACT: Marijuana is the Gateway Drug to Twinkies | Vote No On Question 3
    That link came from the site that you posted. Its pretty funny.
  4. They approve of sativex lol it's all about keeping our business to the pharmacy drugs .....

    They have no likes of facebook lol they suck
  5. sweet justice!

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