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Too dry bud and using lemon to rehydrate it question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toxiccasper, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. The bud is a little dry because it was stored in bags. And Ive heard of using lemon in the same container to rehydrate it a bit. But I cant remember if its a lemon SLICE or lemon Peel. thanks for the help
  2. Slice of lemon.
  3. I think orange peel does the same thing too.
  4. i just fold up a paper towle and get it damp not soked and put it in the same container as my bud (just make sure its not touchin the bud) and left it for like 3-4 hours. works great and it easy.
  5. so is it the a slice of the peel or an actual wedge of lemon?


    or B
  6. I believe picture A is what your looking for.
  7. thanks ill do a sample with tiny bit of bud and see how it goes
  8. I've done this but you will find that the peel will give your bud a bad stink, take off the peel and do it with the actual fruit inside, itl work better.
  9. good thing i read that before hand lol thanks
  10. ive done this multiple times, a small slice will do, even a piece of paper towel slightly damp..check every hour for desired moisture level
  11. use an orange peel
  12. i always use a lime peel in my bud container when its drying out.

    ive never heard of using a whole slice..
  13. well ill just have to try different ones lol, and if it doesnt work no biggie its kinda old bud anyways
  14. I've been around tokers for 19 years, and never seen anyone put a slice of fruit in their bud. They, and I, have only ever used the peel of a lemon or orange. I'm not saying it will hurt your bud, cuz I really don't know if it would. I don't know that it wouldn't either. I don't think I would leave a whole slice of fruit in my buds for too long. As far as the peel making the bud taste bad, that's never been my experience either. I have always thought the peels gave the buds a very pleasant taste and aroma. You can cook with them. So why not?
  15. Also if u dont have limes,lemons or whatever.... LETTUCE for a lil bit u gots urself moist bud.:cool::cool::cool:
  16. Slightly off topic :eek:...I know that if the cookies in my cookie jar get too crispy, (I prefer soft cookies), I put a half a slice of bread in the jar, and the cookies soften right up.

    On topic...if bread works for cookies, it will probably work for ganja. Because it is the moisture that the cookies draw from the bread. Just like how cannabis draws moisture from fruit peels/slices. :)
  17. The important thing with rehydrating dried out weed is not to forget about it and let it mold. Some people use apple peel which does not have the strong oil found in lemon peel. And yes, bread should work. :)
  18. Random question but, I'm a noob - how do you know if it's too dry?
  19. give a bud a squish if shake falls off its too dry
    for me anyways my homie loves that shit dry and harsh

    but his motto is if you dont cough you dont get off
  20. Quickest way is to take a nice hot shower with your bud container open in the bathroom. You can just take how much you're gonna smoke every time you shower so you don't have to worry about mold either.

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