Too clogged!! please help!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by smallwonder, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone, listen to this.

    A week ago, my wood and clay bob Marley pipe go totally resinated and now its clogged beyond my power.

    So, I started using my brass (yes I know, metal sucks) Pipe.
    Then THAT pipe got clogged. I am a clooege student living in the dorms.

    How can I unclog my pipes?!?!?
  2. *clears throat*

    *drum roll*

    Pipe cleaners. :)
  3. also if you heat a piece of wire up you can shove it in there and burn the resin out, that works well with wood.
  4. sucks about the bob marley pipe, but it is time for the good old pipe cleaners.

    Or its time to buy a new one! Keep a little collection going, grasscity has some pretty phat pipes.

    peace and happy tokin'
  5. well if the suggestions the guys before me listed dont work try using a sharp object nail or ice pick or even a metal cloths hanger.. trust me the resin will come out..
  6. Take and pour some nail polish remover in it and shake it with holes covered or in plastic zip lock baggy and it will unclog it
  7. If it's a piece you'd like to keep, keep it clean. Clean it regularly. Once a week or something. I buy cheap clay pipes and treat them a disposable,
  8. ewww nail polish remover? Lol just use iso
  9. does ISO not work with them..? Just dump it in some ISO and salt, shake it up and it's spankin clean
    I like how this guy subscribed just to write a post on a 13 years old thread.
  11. [​IMG]
    bit of history in this thread though

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