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    Hi my problem is that my plants got to tall (big)
    This is the type of grow....
           indoor, co2, top drip with halos, expanded clay pellets, 1 gallon pots, great air movement, well cooled 1000w hps, xxl hood, 155,000 lumen bulb, 4x4 tray table, 40 gallon res, 36 plants (6x6) advanced nutrients, a/c, dehumidifier, Super Sour Og
    Everything has been taken care of to the perfect numbers... temp and humidity, ph, tds, well oxygenated water, co2 ppm's and so on.
    This is how they were grown....
              7 day old cuttings taken from ez cloner with great roots, moved into the 1000w room, vegged for about 7 days, FIMed them all at about 3 days into veg, flipped to flowering at about 8", placed netting just above canopy, had to place several layers of netting due to growth
    Now they are WAY to big! I purposefully tried to flower them when they were small to avoid this problem, Again!  They Are at 28 days with the last picture being 28 days as well.
    My thoughts...  (1) the light needs to be very close to the plants because in this perfect environment they just need more light, more lumens, even though there is 155,000 lumens coming down, plants are in fact stretching.   ( i never let it closer then about 2' from the canopy and moved the light up as the plants kept growing and growing and growing) I do not believe the plants would get burnt at a very close distance but i dont like how the light would not penetrate the whole table well being that close.
                   (2)  I should FIM them straight out the cloner and also put them straight into flowering.
                  (3) if i do less plants, they will grow wide and less tall due to the space they have around them. (I actually just thought of that now)  
                  (4)  Cut down the nitrogen even though i cant because its all formulated (advanced nutrients)
                  (5)  Stop co2 although i dont like that idea
                  (6)  Turn on co2 once during the 12 hours like ive read in some forums, they just raise it up to 1500 ppm and then shut it down.  I dont understand that theory though, plants needs it continusly especially if temps are higher which they wouldnt like with out the adaquate amount of co2
                  (7) switch to an indica strain next time with the same exact grow i just did.. should cut down the shear size of them right?
    It just sucks when your ceiling is only 8' tall and you run out of vertical space and plants almost start to touch the light!
    Also, being that it was supposed to be a SOG, they should never have that much under growth, it should only be a canopy that is several inches thick. Its just not right for many reasons... no light penatration down there, small buds, sucking plants energy from just delivering juice to the tops.
        And when they are growing like this it just seems like they are spending so much time and energy on their size growth and not on the buds.  
    Thanks for reading this and i look forward to having my first forum post answered!!! :)


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    Cut the table/remove the legs and use cinder blocks to lower it. It would be really good if you could have a few people help, but that is questionable. Surely you will need at least two people to have any chance at doing that successfully. That would be my option, fuck limiting the grow.
    Just prop it on cinder blocks, then measure and cut the legs to whatever min. length is acceptable. Lowering it will be the not fun part.
  3. When I saw the title I assumed you were talking about my penis. I see that was not the case. Carry on.
  4. your flowering them too late, 8" is very big for a 6" pot. I would flower pretty much as soon as they are introduced given all else being the same
  5. Ya that will be a great solution to the problem, i think it will take 3 or 4 to handle this task and keep it safe.  Thanks.  
  6. adding reflective walls will help keep your canopy even
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    real fine specimens you got fella. I know nothing about hydro but they don't look like they have stretched to become that height they just seem to be thriving.
    chop the legs off the table!
    Edit: but you say they are stretching. I am out of my league. I withdraw my opinion.
  8. Thanks everyone i appreciate the feed back.  I hope when i try this again i can overcome this problem.  I find my problem to be quite ironic though. Who usually complains about big plants haha.  
  9. Wow, that looks like a weed-fro!  I love it!  
    In all seriousness, yes, I think you should lower your light next time, get it closer to the plants to start out.   
    For now, I would suggest removing some under growth, because you're gonna end up with a lot of popcorn buds and yellowness where the "sun don't shine."
    The top growth, you can safely trim some of that down, or supercrop, by pinching the stem and bending the top over so it doesn't run into the light.
    Great job otherwise, it looks like you've got an excellent growing environment in there!
    Finally, I would also suggest defoliating in veg, if you're growing with this "sea of green" style.  Start flowering as soon as you transplant, and trim side branches off, so you get a single candlestick cola from each pot.  
  10. Your not srcoging properly for one. To many plants is your second problem. A proper scrog is done with a few plants and they gradually grow in to the net. You have to train them to stay below the net and spreadnout to get an even canopy. From what I saw you just threw a net over the girls and hoped for the best. More training is what you need to fix on the next grow
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    who mentioned ScrOG? I think your the first person to say the word. that net is for support as far as I can tell. plus in the first post he said it's a SOG

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