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  1. Is this hydro bubble bucket accurate/sexy or am i going to fuck it up?
    ive read alot on hydroponics and i also read somewhere that the roots from different plants can tangle if the plants are too close and that is not a good thing. Also i need enough space so that all plants get the right ammount of nutes. Im not sure how many L's it is..

    Please this is my first grow i cannot wait to begin its been weeks of discovering problems and finally i can germinate after knowing if this is looking good.

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  2. Just wondering why would u want to do hydro grow if its ur first grow ?
    U need to understand how to grow marijuana plants first and that needs to be done in soil as their is lots of room for mistakes in soil this is not the case with water, as with hydro u r gonna have to be accurate with everything u do.
    I suggest u keep that system for after u got a few grows under ur belt with soil .

    But of course with lots of knowledge and guidance im sure u can succeed with hydro grow. Just gonna be a lot more accurate information needed .

  3. that is so not the answer am lookin for dude. and as for your concern on my first grow...oil seems alot more complicated than hydro w/ all the risks and attention the plant requires. If most of my reading is correct hydroponics will grow faster buds with alot less care. I dont think there is a problem. The only real problem here is nobodys helping so far. I know all that i need to know besides THIS. IS IT TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL , HOLES TOO CLOSE ?! :( :( :( i dont want all the roots tangling together and shiz. plz samwahn help me.

  4. sorry i didnt mean to offend u by giving u some advice,
    I know this wont currently help u but with soil its super easy and basic .
    You put the seed in soil , wait 3-4 weeks before giving it some veggie nutes and let it grow. dont see whats so hard about that.
    Anyhow wish u much luck with ur grow. start a grow journal once u get everything up and running to keep track of ur progress and mistakes for future grows .
  5. Oh dude i am in no way offended i was just expecting to have someone talk abt the Box.. thanks alot tho ive already had alot of notes taken down.. i just REALLY do not want the roots tangling in together after a month or so and have Zero alternatives and lose my crops 100 for 5 seeds .. Having that thought is making me stunt my germination stage, damn it!
  6. Hydro is a tough one. Dwc is pretty simple but that's the only one I can handle. I understand the ways it works ebb and flow and all that but if you want to get hydro speed growth and its your first time fertigation is the way to go. You have a bad ass set up I'm sure you'll do fine.
    In a way my grow is hydro. Fertigation is just hand fed hydro. I use a soilless mix and hand water and feed.
    Soilless is very forgiving buckets of water and reservoirs aren't. I get scared if they're all on one system and one thing ets fucked up. They all get jacked up
  7. I've got only a few steps left ,such as,
    taping up the cover to the box, tape around holes and germinate seeds.. How big's your DWC for how many plants ??
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    Dude, Hydro wasn't that bad for me. Just get a good ec/ppm and ph meter and keep them calibrated. How big is the reservoir? Sometimes plants drink a bunch of nutrient solution during a day. As far as distance apart they look fine bud. I twist the net cups a quarter turn a day to help keep my roots separated also.
  9. sweet thanks, il do the measurements as soon as i get home i've got no idea how many gallons can fit in there!
  10. about 15-16 gallons... enough for 5 plants or not?
  11. [quote name='"itinkitook2much"']about 15-16 gallons... enough for 5 plants or not?[/quote]

    Should be fine bud.

  12. It's a single five gallon bucket it holds one plant so its not too hard to deal with. But a friend bought a crazy twelve bucket ebb and flow computer controlled system. It was bad ass. All twelve five gallon buckets were hooked up and it did everything by itself but it was a lot of work. Soilless seems so much easier especially since I have two sons now that basicaly take up all the time I'd have to spend fixing issues with a system like that. I will eventually hook my dwc back up. Maybe next grow. I've been using the air stones to oxygenate the water I keep in a couple five gallon buckets outside the door of the grow room.

  13. Yeah you know what, i've been reading alot since i last posted and i think i'm going to grow 2 plants in seperate buckets so i can learn the basics before planting 5 plants into one DWC.. not really worth the fuck ups with my very zero experience in horticulture at all. Plus i have 2 air stones and 2 fish tank bubblers for 2 5gal. buckets, Should be enough right !? Seeds are germinating as we speak!!! is the top of my xbox too warm for the seeds ?

    THANKS FOR THE HELP SO FAR Y'GUYS R AWESOME! :D :smoking: :D :smoking: :D
  14. HEY EVERYONE... having trouble germinating.. i just wanna know if i should start over again or if i've got time for salvation.

    I've placed 2 seeds in a cup of water BUTTT, i did not wait until they sunk without knowing that it's pretty essential to have them sink before placing them between 2 paper towels. Now its been 3 days in the paper towel. Only one has cracked open but has BARELY sprouted... il upload a pic... We can only see the seedling A TINY LITTLE BIT.

    The paper towl is in a zip loc bag in a dark box over my xbox for warmth. I also read that ziploc method isn't very accurate and the top1 video says sinking in water method is 100%
    WHAT SHOULD I DO? if these seeds are useless not a problem ive got 2 left..

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    Just wait another day or so. I only use the paper towel method and sometimes the beans open at different times. Usually 3or4 days total. The one that popped has already proved viable. Plant it tap root down and be very careful with it.
  16. 2nd pic is beast.

    Okay il just wait another day and plant it, Is the paper towel method.between two plates in a dark warm place?

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  17. Damp paper towel folded over the seeds in a Ziploc bag. I put it in the window sill, 3to5 days later they pop open.
  18. IME, separate buckets is the way to go...that container/res in the pics u posted seems rather shallow...and with 5 plants in that, u will be refilling her twice a day when in flowering....which is no fun. I use something similar for my clones at the early stages before transplanting them to individual 3 gallon or 5 gallon buckets.
  19. okay thats cool, i guess il transplant them into seperate 5gal buckets for flowering.. Vegetative demands how many refill a week yathink? Both nutes AND water? or only water more than nutes?

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