Too big for an autoflower?

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  1. Is this too big too be an autoflower? Only in mid summer normally harvest in May though this looks like it'll b ready by end if febuary...

    I live In Nz so opposite summer months

    Started from seed from attitude seeds , been in bucket size pot since planted on 18th October
    2013 image.jpg image.jpg
  2. No it's fineSent from my NSA recording device.
  3. Sweet any idea how much longer? image.jpg
  4. Its not close, autos will grow a big bud with few leaves if you give it time.
  5. Get a jewelers look or magnifying tool and look at the tricombs (crystals). They should stand erect and be at least 10 percent amber. You can let them get to 50 percent amber at most before it starts to degrade.
  6. My outdoor autos were bigger than photoperiod plants last season. Depends on weather
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    just quick question is that ok the light green leaves is tht normal when they bud mine doing the same thing and nice plants

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