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tonyhimselff's pickups *Blackberry,Bubba Kush & others)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tonyhimselff, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Just picked up a Half O of some outdoor snowcap.
    Got it for $50 :hello:

    Very nice head high, the aroma isnt very strong though. Very sticky feeling, i think im going to leave some of it jarred for another few weeks.

    Heres a picture of a stem from my half O. Sorry pictures are from a camera phone :/


  2. Nice price man someone treats you well.
  3. Look at the size of that nug! Damn dude!
  4. Awesome shit dude!I would totally buy that for $50 :D You could have goten an ounce dude :smoke:
  5. if i wouldve had enough i wouldve gotten an ounce. Next week i might be getting a half of Grape Ape for the same price:)
  6. damn nice prices
  7. I'm just going to assume he lives in Canada.:smoke:
  8. I am so jealous of Canadians...although people in Jersey are jealous of us Californians. Oh well, I don't have it the worst.

    Fuckin' HUGE flower there. Hope it treats you well. :D
  9. it taught me well, still got around ten grams left. Today i picked up an 1/8th of Blackberry and a little over an 1/8th some bubba kush. I've been rolling blunts and packing bowls all day. Smoked about five swishers and one of those Xtra Large swishers.

    The blackberry smokes really smooth, tasted very fruity. Smoked a fat blunt of it and had me stuck on the computer chair for a good minute hahah.

    the bubba kush was a little bit harsher and had me in an even stronger couchlock state.

    I got the whole quarter for only $50 . I'll put up some pictures tomorrow because i was to lazy to take any today.
    Tomorrow i should actually be getting some Grape Ape :hello:

    Time to roll a bedtime Blunt...i rolled it messy :(
  10. Thats a cool price thats cool you gotta buddy like that. Thats the way it should be, then we could smoke as much as we want not as much as we can afford.
  11. $50 a half O? ..........
    What I pay for an ounce is prob. what you pay for 5 ounces.
    Lucky, enjoy that shit.
  12. Awesome price man.
  13. Yeah, its funny though because i barely started getting half O's for $50 but i stopped smoking so i get it for my Girlfriend, i decided to quit today though because i have try this grape ape out :)
  14. Ahhh I miss seeing big fat cola's like that.
    They always bring joy to my face :D
  15. I got some pictures of the Grape Ape..oh man this is one of my top five favorite pick ups. Smells amazing, the nugs are small but very dense. This is a creeper, i kept getting higher and higher. Went to the fair after smoking two blunts, amazing time. Too bad i spent about $50 on two corndogs and an icecream.

    This is the Grape Ape, picked up 12grams for $50. Theres about 1.5 missing since i rolled a blunt before this was taken.

    A picture of a nug, camera phone though :/ . The nugs are small,dense, trichome covered :)

    Small bowl with what i had left on me, and the new piece my gf bought yesterday.

    And a blunt before the faiir :D
  16. lookin good
  17. #17 Lebowski, Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2010

    One huge cola....

    You sir, won the bud-buying game. Enjoy.

    The only downside, the stem in that cola is probably nearing 2 grams. But fuck, look at it.
  18. yeah i had to break it into nugs to put into a jar but they nugs came off nice and big. I weighed the stem and it came out to 1.6 , so i wasnt that upset abotu the stem :)
  19. Smoked my last blunt today with my friend and my gf.
    Smoked on some Bubba Kush and Grape Ape, i took some better pictures of them.

    Bubba Kush- I love the way this bud looks, the hairs are brighter and person.

    Grape Ape- The nugs are super dense, very frosty and smells amazing

    This is the last blunt i'll be rolling in 40 days, has Grape Ape in it, amazing head high.
  20. So a few days ago i picked up a half ounce of my friends Outdoor Grandaddy Purp for $75

    All i can say is wow, smells amazing and taste like purp should.
    The nugs are nice and dense, extremely sticky, the pictures dont do it justice.

    A blunt of this with my GF and we were ripped.

    Today i picked up an Ounce of some ChemDawg for $100.
    I didnt snap any pictures of even try it yet, i'll get some up tomorrow.
    But it doesnt look dissapointing, the nugs are nice, they arent as dense of the GDP but still nice, and very keify :)



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