Tony from Goodstash is back with another video

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - 2010HATER (2)[/ame]
    :rolleyes: oh tony...
  2. God this guy is a fucking moron. Pedophiles? This guy is so fucking stupid it is unbelievable. Why is Wildrok collabing with this guy... please tell me he's just talking shit.
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    LMAO i have no idea who this guy is but he made me chuckle... He's a hypocrite forsure and one with a low iq. LMAO he's hating on people making utube vids and he right here doing it.... :smoke::smoke: maturity level of a 15yo. I love that DBAG laugh at the end...
  4. that guy is a jerk off...
  5. Wow it looks like he don't have a life! Wat a duche bag! As he stand in front of a case full of shit glass... Haha that dude is a moron
  6. This dude is downright stupid.
  7. Well shit guys. I guess I'm just a loser kid on a forum who doesn't know shit and only buys good glass because of the MASSIVE amounts of advertisements from the companies I buy from.
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    he is the absolutely the biggest retard i have ever seen in my entire life, by far
    i love how he acts like he is an important part of the glass industry, he must have payed wildrok some major bank if their teaming up
  9. I don't know what he's talkin about gretting everyone? the 200 people that viewed his video? Do his video's ever break 1,000 views?

  10. lemme fill u in. this guy is a fat tub of shit who advertises his crap as if everyone knows who he is and as if he is affiliated with the big dogs, but know one knows who the fuck he is, and he gained his minor popularity by making retarded videos asserting that glass on glass will kill you, only because he cant make good gong bongs. look at his other vids, and the word mental retardation will cross ur mind several times. his head is to far up his ass to realize that know one at all likes him.

  11. oh and lets not forget how we are all pedophile's............DUH!!!
  12. hes a troll through and through
  13. Telling us "pedophiles" to get a life after he just went on a 5 minute rant like a 9 year old. I wanna strangle this guy for fux sake.
  14. Do any of you really know who this guy is ?

  15. he pretends like everyone knows him, but no, no one has even heard of him, his troll vids are what got him his "popularity"
  16. I keep thinking "who is this guy? Where did he even come from?".
    Really I think he just loves grommet bongs or somethin:confused:idk
  17. He's a fucking joke who is stuck to the old ways of glass because he has no real skill and cannot make a gong bong equal to even weed star
  18. I feeel like everyone knows this guy. He's prbobaly doing a good job of advertising
  19. this is a disgrace, that immature behavior i just another reason for someone to think legal weed doesnt have a place in this country, and is he really that much of a fucktard to say he smokes with his friends and not by himself, motherfucker doesnt even have the right to associate with marijuana if he doesnt apprieciate the fuckin aspect of smokin solo. wat a fuckin failure. thank god his pathetic ass cnt get views last thing we need is ppl seein this ass an sayin this is why it should be legal.
    end rant. go "drank" an fall off a bridge.
  20. He's cruisin for a bruising. He's gonna piss off the wrong guy in cali and hes gonna go thrash that guy for real. You don't run your mouth for long like that without consequence

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