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Tony B.liar more Right wing than Hitler!

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, May 27, 2003.

  1. It's official!

    Tony Blair is more right wing than hitler and only marginally less authoritarian!

    the scary thing is... people are no longer going to vote for him in England (primarily) in favour of IDS (Iain Duncan Smith) who is WAY out to the right... probably more so than Thatcher!

    now is that fucked up or what!?

  2. that sounds fucked in the head.... Prime Ministers are rich dicks anyway..
  3. Fuck the right wing, Blair is a dick and hopefully never gets back in politics, don't know too much about Duncan Smith...
  4. i feel that the monster raving looneys should get in!
  5. If it'd work I'd vote for the lib dems but they'll never get in. And trust me- I'll do anything to stop the fucking Tories getting in again- to be honnest I don't like the current gov but things are a lot better than they were under the fucking tories!
  6. It's strange how Labour is supposed to be a left-wing party yet it's policies and members are distinctly right-wing.
  7. thats the bush administration influence, D9.

    switch.. the lib dems are no angels themselves... remember they are politicians too ;D and so can spin the lies out with the best of them... but at least they are ten dozen times better than the two right wing partys (Labour & Tory)

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