Tonights the night for a journey

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by FoxMulder, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Tonight is the night. I haven't been sticking to my schedule of doing things the way i want them to be. Tonight i am going to continue my ritual of driving to the nearby woods in this one spot that you have to hike too to get on top of the hill. Im going to watch the sunrise like i used to. I haven't been able to since last summer. Its so spiritually freeing up there. And quiet. There is never any bugs and i bring a blanket to sit on. I usually smoke when i do. Its nice to find places like this. Does anyone have a place they like to go to?
  2. I like that idea. I'll have to make plans for something like this sometime soon.
  3. It is nice isn't it? Its so peaceful that early in the morning.
  4. There's a cove behind my house. About 10 minute walk. No ones ever there, its pretty much impossible to get to from anywhere else. God, I love nature.
  5. I love nature too. Being in it brings me so much joy. Its so beautiful. I think love of nature is built into each human. It gives you life and helps 7+ billion people live everyday. Why wouldn't you want to be near the thing that sustains you?
  6. Tonights actually the night. I have energy drinks and food to keep me awake. Gonna leave around 5:30 to make the journey. Gonna be awesome climbing up da hill to get to the bench to watch the sunrise.
  7. That sounds amazing man.

    I love the outdoors.I need to move into the woods.Id love that shit.I just like it man.Its a connection to the planet.

    Stay up man have fun and I'm sending love and positive vibes your way.

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