Tonights gonna be a great night!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big L, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Right now me and TNellyDANK are about light up. We got a 4th of some no-name dannk and some game greens. The only thing is its about -4 degress outside but the weather cant stop us from smoking:smoking:!

    Be back soon:hello:
  2. "a 4th"



    rest in peace . :p
  3. Okay so is a "4th" 1.75 grams?
    What the fuck kind of measurement is that?
    Why not just break the bank and buy 2 grams?
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    lol i was wonderin if he meant

    1/4 ... a qt .
  5. I meant 7 grams hahah.
  6. hahah wts

    1.75 gs LOL

    hes on that vick .
  7. Well shit, it's almost 8:40, get twice as high. :smoke:
  8. Oh I just thought it was some new taking an eighth and dividing it in half to make a fourth.
    Well now it all makes sense!

  9. LOL

    thats what i was thinkin at first too
  10. You two must be high... lol.

    Enjoy the herb none the less. So are you smoking outside since you mentioned the weather?

  11. half an 8th is a sixteenth! =0
  12. Well by golly.
    I'm sober and I didn't even realize that.
    Jesus I need to go back to Grade Five.

  13. lol i dont even think in fractions fuck that

    i was thinking he either meant a vick or a half eighth
  14. it was wicked cold last night...
    me and Big L couldnt even finish our blunts :(
  15. Looks like some of us need remedial math!
  16. wow fellas, do yourself a favor and go to college. Being ignorant isn't cool and just picking up on things that you hear and see all the time but finally understanding the meaning, is truly enlightening.

    for instance

    My Wes Civ 2 prof just was going over some stuff in the 14th cent and brought up wycliffe

    ( jean wyclef? the singer?)

    nah a mystic ( someone who believes you interact directly with god, and do not need an institution "church clergy" to perform sacraments to reach salvation" as believed in Catholicism)

    well anywho come to find out who the real whycliffe was and how much of a part he played in taking some power away from the church which pretty much ruled everybody's lives.

    Now whether or not jean wyclef was named after the wycliffe of the 14th cent is another story :confused: haha.

    /end Rant

  17. Lol ur hopefully makin a joke. But to any new smokers 1/8 is half of 1/4 so he was just makin a funny:D
  18. sorry man, thats a sixteenth.
  19. damn yall get off wts dick
  20. I'm going to university in September, not college.
    But I'm not going for engineering obviously lol.

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