Tonight's Experiment.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I live 0.6 miles from a college in New England. Not exactly on the campus, but close enough.

    I'm baked as fuck, and the only way I can get to some munchies is by walking.

    Hopefully, I'm not stopped by the cops that frequent my restaurant.

    I'm hungry and optimistic....
  2. what ever happened when you opened that door of mystery..? Anyways, good lunch on your adventure.. always

  3. It was an old boiler room... :(
  4. i got these steak and cheese chimi changas uhh put those in the oven. and i got left overs of pork and saurkrout, dayum im set
  5. Walkin around stoned is straight, Drunk is harder to get away with but is usually straight.
  6. That close to a college I bet they won't stop you unless you're causing a problem no matter how drunk you are. Friday at a university is fucking nothing but being drunk in public.
  7. No doubt.

  8. truuu

    Good luck Henious. There always mad places to get munchies near college campuses. When I was living at my old house we were walking distance to taco bell, what-a-burger, jimmy johns and checkers. :smoke:
  9. Hey Heinous.. nice to see you again.

    Shoot me a PM some time.. Ive been interested in mushie army, so i reccently started a project site called Euphoria.. I actually just started devolping it today... id love to have you check it out some time.
  10. fuck cops don't let them get into your head.. you can have pure bloodshot eyes and just eye the fuck out of them and they can't do shit.
  11. Follow the law, don't take anything with you, and stay polite, and they can't do a damn thing.
  12. Shit, I hope he made it ago.. he made that post like awhile ago.
  13. Have fun, you better smoke one more time before you go out.

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