Tonight Relaxing Bowl

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bobbert, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Today was my first day of spring quarter. I was worn out after class so I had a bowl out on the desk while the sun was going down.



  2. daaaa roors. hey man nice sunset....looks chill as hell. peace
  3. Wow.
    Looks like such a relaxing place to chill. The sun, the view, the wine, the bong; you've totally got me jealous. +rep.
    [btw, your photography is great. Any tips/pointers?]
  4. Lol. Those cars won't see you at allll
  5. Yea you can see me smoking from my deck from the road. In the 2nd picture you can see some other guy in the right hand side. He watched me for a few mins while i smoked.
  6. those cars are goin quick! too quick to notice anything..besides, its seattle. Lovin the roor and view there. that sunset is kcikass,have you ever seen it from alki beach?
  7. nice shit bobbert, awesome sunset picture as well, must be nice as hell to have sucha nice place like that

    spring quarter began for me on monday...shouldnt be too bad of a quarter

    ps. i am signing the hell off bc GC is pissing me the hell off, PAGES TAKING FOREVER TO LOAD, getting connection refused...god so pissed from that, other pages load just fine, only when i come here:mad:
  8. nice pics man....i looove that RooR ......and oh yah r u still savin ur "special bong" u got for 4/20 this year?
  9. Haha, your pretty crazy. I'd be all paranoid and shit. Is Seattle that lax now-a-days?
  10. Lucky man to have such a view.
  11. Haha that dude was just chillen there watchin you smoke?
  12. Thats a nice bong and a hella nice view
  13. fuck dude, that IS SEATTLE! haha I'm 10 mins away from there man. right on

  14. They made pot the lowest-level priority to arrest/give tickets to. 58 people last year, and like 200 before that. If they find you, they either dump our your bowl or tell you to go home. That's all, haha. You're lucky if they even take away your peice
  15. Exatly YAY for i-75 (the iniciative we passed) I pretty much feel like pot is legal here, when i go elsewere I have to make sure be more carful.

  16. ya dude it actually is

    +rep dude i live like 5 min from there i fucking love seattle pot is practically legal :hello:

    toke on my friend:smoking:
  17. Bobbert man you have got the sickest view ever! I love Seattle you should be very proud:cool:
  18. bobbert thats pretty sick to be sitting outside overlooking the water on your deck blazing a bowl. Im pretty psyched to be in Bellingham for college next year(WWU).
  19. Yeah man I live in Seattle too, and I've been caught more than a few times and only once have I faced real shit. But yeah man, can you see tha space needle in that one pic? And yes, Alki beach is most defonatly a great place to have a nice relaxing bowl, along with Gassworks Park Bobbert. Defonatly try out Gassworks...skipped 2nd period once and took a drive down there and smoked a blunt in the early morning, before anyone was out, and it made my day 100% better.
  20. is the whole bong a roor or just the bowl because i cant see the label, very nice bong either way though..

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