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tone down blunt smell (doesn't need to be completely gone)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilro, May 13, 2010.

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    hey my fam lets me smoke in the house but they prefer not to smell it so I mostly smoke from my bong or spoon...I just started rolling joints a few weeks ago and wanna try rolling a few blunts....whats a good way to get rid of the smell?? Again, it doesn't have to be completely gone I'm not trying to hide it...Just wanna be considerate ya know
  2. Smoke in a room with the door closed and a towel at the bottom to "seal" it. Have a window open and a fan on a low setting. After you finish smoking, turn the fan up as high as it goes, leave everything else, and chill for a little. If you leave the room, bring the towel out and use it on the bottom of the outside. In my experience, with the fan blowing and window open, most of the smell from a Grape Cigarillo is gone in about two-four hours.

    The tobacco smoke smell sticks easier than the smell of a joint or pipe so just blow towards the window while smoking and not onto any soft or porous surfaces.

  3. this.

    Also you could try lighting some incense, or if you're willing, go to your local smoke/headshop, they usually carry odor eliminating candles that work like a charm.

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