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  1. Tomorrow will be my last day toking. I am going to start saving up for the classic Volcano Vaporizer. I don't think its worth getting a digital for $100 more and only a 2 year warranty compared to the classics 3 year warranty.

    I have lung problems and the smoke irritates my lung so i end up coughing EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Also smoking is too much heat the vaporizer would be much less I can smoke it in my room in my car or a friends house. Also I heard its more of a mental high which is good because i hate being glued to a couch.

    Just a quick question does the bud leave residue inside the vaporizer?

    Money so far $25/$500
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    Theres cheaper pieces than the volcano if you dont want to shell out 500quid, and they work just as well.

    As for the lung thing..edibles:cool:

    Damn alright so to answer your question, yes there will be residue on the volcano but its easy to clean so its a noprob.

    Also, the vape will not give you more of a "mental high" than any other way of smoking. It all depends on the bud.
  3. Edibles require a lot of bud and it makes me really really tired.

    What vaporizer are just as good as the volcano?
  4. Edibles actually require less bud as most of the thc dissolves in fat and then is absorbed by ur body....but ok.

    As for other vape's.... go search. Examples - purple days, silver surfer/da buddha(same company, buddha is cheaper)

    Also, P.S. You being tired after a sesh just means you're smoking garbage
  5. Nah dude trust me the shit i get is dank :smoke:.

    Miami bud FTW.

    I meant tired as in lazy as fuck. I feel like getting up to go the kitchen is a fucking mission. I don't want to go out I don't want to do anything.

    I heard that Vaporizing is more of a mental high than body which is what i want.

    Cannibutter takes like a half O to make i don't come by that much very often. Also it isn't easy to do with parents around and it wreaking up the house.
  6. Im getting a da buddha soon.

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