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Tomorrow night.......

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. .........the rock and roll will decend on southern Il. I'm ready. The hubby is back with his band after a brief interlude and a new bass player. They've got most of the rest of the year booked at this one bar. Friday nite is thier first gig. I promised I would be a good girl so I get to go!! ;) I think I might have a snag on the babysitter but I should be covered. I'm already nervous/excited. They kicked ass at practice. I think it will be a damn good show but you know I'M thier biggest fan!! It's gonna be cool - loud music - tequila - some of my buds - tequila - wait, not too much tequila!! Anyway, just tryin' to wind down so I can get some sleep. Ya know?
    Hope you all have a kick ass weekend.
  2. "Here's the problem with tequila- you can't just have one shot. Somehow you get convinced to let one of 'em in, and he sneaks in 8 or 9 of his friends. 'Come on man aint nobody lookin'!'"

    Hope you have a good time.
  3. lol, stonie, what am l gonna do with you.

    They haven,t even started playing yet and ya getting excited .

  4. That rocks, girl! :D I'd be excited too! I have some friends in a band and they play regularly at this place on the strip and I love going to listen to them...but this is your man so I can totally get why you are so happy. Drink a few shots of tequila for me. I'm a tequila girl to the core so just go ahead and get drunk for me too! LOL! Have a great time! :)
  5. have a great time!

    id not be able to sleep ya got a babysitter im soooo jealous :D
  6. dammit rummy, you're a TN girl. You should be drinking whiskey like the rest of us. :p

    And good look to you and your hubby for his gig. I bet it'll be a kick as time. When tequila is involved, something wild always happens.
  7. last time my friends and i had some tequila, nothin interesting happened.. except one buddy fell down like 4 times.. :D
  8. Jose Cuervo, is a friend of mine........

    Thanx everybody. The ol' man stayed up f*n with his equipment last nite. He looked like shit this morning - I could tell he was sick. Had a nice cough goin' on. He'll tough it out tonite and then die tomorrow.

    I'll do a shot for everyone!! OK, well not everyone but I'll toast you all on my first one!!
  9. Lots of good first night to the band.. I hope every thing goes as planned..

    Have a shot of tokillya for me as well.. I'll be smoking this one in ya'lls honor.

    Rock on!!!!!!
  10. *Banging the head big 80's style*

    :D :D

    Hope he rocks the joint out! LOL, you know what I mean.
  11. Well, the nite got off to a slow start. The chic who I was ridin' with had this thing that ended up runnin' me about 2 hours behind. That's what I get for hangin' with a blonde. Anyway, I still got there in time to see 'em kick ass. Had a margarita or two. I was plenty sauced by the last set. Of course at this time I have to get up and shake my booty. It was great. They sounded so damned good!!
    So the bar closes - everybody's gone but us. Then the bar owner breaks out this OTHER bottle of tequila. Can't recall the name. That one was stout!! Instant heartburn! We played some pool for a while and the next thing I know it's 6 AM. The bar owner had a place for all of us to crash but me and the ol' man went and camped out in the van. It was very cool!
    We are just supposed to make ourselves at home when we are there.
    Anyway, that's the mini-version of the story.
    I don't feel too shitty today. I'd feel alot better if the sun would come out!!

    BH, NOTHING ever goes as planned for me!! When me and this blonde get together it's like the forces of the universe are against us!! She's been my 'sister' for about 15 years now. We've been through some shit together!!
  12. glad to hear all went well and ya,all had a good time.:D

    lol, we went to an 18th birthday with a live band last night but they were terrible :D.
  13. Sounds like a real good time! Glad your old man rocked the joint out. And I know what you mean about instant heartburn, lol. :D
  14. Nothing ever goes to plan here either.. I have a graduation party planned for my oldest son.. We were going to have a live band and couple of big time singers here... I have gotten word that the band isn't going to make it because of the manager booking them in New York that weekend.. Merle Haggard is going to make it though!

    Bar-B-Que and lots of fun on the menu.. A total of about 70-90 people should come through here that day.

    It would be awsome if ya'll were available on may 22nd.. I really want to have a band here for his party..

    Side note: The party is also for Samantha's, my uncles and my B-Day as well..

    Let the good times roll!

    Give the blonde a break.. It's not her fault that the sun got stuck in her hair and didn't make her brain grow.. LOL :D

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