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Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by Medicinal-Tommy, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, :wave:

    I just ordered some seeds today for this years outdoor grow.

    Nirvana shop's:

    Northern Lights (Feminized)
    Jock Horror (Feminized)

    I also ordered Big Buddah Cheese seeds last year.

    So as of right now my plans are to germinate and pop 2 of each for a total of 6 outdoor plants.

    I am going to grow them in 50 gallon smart pots above the ground. I am going to mix my own soil(ingredients too be determined in the near future).

    Advanced Nutrients (Bloom A&B)
    Advanced Nutrients (Heavy Harvest Summer and Fall)

    Miscellaneous Guano teas as needed.

    Lots of pictures along the way. :D

    So this is my pre journal. More to come.
  2. sweet! definitely not missing this one...just looked through your last years journal.. fucking impressive bro. love the sour kush! damn your gunna rock it this year. you have starts already?
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    Thanks bro, I really appreciate it. No I don't have anything growing right now. The day my order arrives from Nirvana I'll be popping those seeds. My plan is to have 6, 2 foot tall plants outside by May 15th. That's when I got them out last year. I'll be really pushing it this year. I am bummed I didn't order seeds earlier.
  4. I put 5 Big Buddah Cheese Feminized seeds into a wet paper towel yesterday in a ziplock baggy. And 1 Feminized DinaFem Diesel. These are seeds I had from last year. I should have my Jock Horror, and Northern Lights from Nirvana in the next few days, "hopefully". I am way behind schedule. I just hope I can have a few nodes worth of plant to bring outside on or around May 15th. Sorry no pics yet. I will post some when I put them into the humidity dome. :D
  5. I am trying the Big Budda cheese this year too, and on about he same time period your looking at. Also have white widow and sour D .
  6. Hey Tommy :wave::D Good to see you're at it again! :smoke: I too am late on getting my seeds. :rolleyes:

    Good luck this year! :)
  7. goodluck will be patiently waiting...

  8. Right on, a few people found my thread. I am excited about this year. Hoping to pull off some sweet plants. I'm not really sure how many Big Buddah Cheese I am going to grow outside. I might do 1 or 2. I'm worried about finishing times. I don't want to go until late October(too cold).

    Hey Buzz, it's great to see you over here on my thread. Welcome!!!! :wave:

    I know sometimes we get lazy and don't predict times correctly. I was expecting my Northern Lights and Jock Horror seeds today, but they could be as late as Wed of next week. I sure hope not. I checked my Cheese and Diesel about 5 minutes ago and they are all already popping from their shells. I have had them in the fridge for over a year. So it's good to see.

    I'm looking forward to following you again this year.

    Good luck friend. :D

    Thank you, it's all about dedication. And I am dedicated. :cool:

    Let the growing begin!!!!!! ;)
  9. I thought I would express my likes for this little germination dome. Looks like the people of Nirvana were thinking outside the box on this one. I think it's great. :yay:

    Propagator Pro - Nirvanashop
  10. Hey guys I decided to throw some pictures in to my thread. Here it is Friday and still no Northern Lights, or Jock Horror. :(

    On the brite side 5 out of 6 of my seeds cracked in only 2 days. So I went ahead and put all 6 into the humidity dome.

    First picture is the Dina Fem Diesel:

    Second picture is the 5 Big Buddah Cheese seeds:

    The third picture is of all 6 seedlings in the humidity dome:

    The fourth picture is Temp, and Humidity(not quite perfect) I bumped it up some:

    The fifth picture is of them chilling in their new home:
  11. It looks like you're good and prepared for this seasons run. C'mon seeds and get here already :poke:
  12. Awesome,right up my alley. So glad your back.Sub'd & good luck this year my friend.

  13. I sure hope I am ready for all this. I try to eventually focus all my energy on my outdoor garden. I however keep buying toys. I have a boat now, and a new motorcycle. Toys that also need to be played with in the summer. :cool:

    Hey Buzz, does that mean your waiting for some seeds too? :(

    Thank you, and welcome. :wave:
  14. Hey tommy i'm glad that you can get this grow going this month :). can't wait for plants to veg then go outdoors and overall How much your going to yeild. Subbed

  15. Thanks, I'm just going to go with the flow. Get em outside by mid May. And let nature take it's course. :)
  16. aww man i hope that you don't have the same problem that you had with lights and the stench problem during flowering.... I might be wrong but im fucking Flyin' right now
  17. I woke up today to some new sprouts. Three of the Big Budduh Cheese broke through, and the DinaFem Diesel.


  18. Naw your not wrong, but I am taking action. And fly as high as you can my friend. :D

    The light from the neighbor will be taken care of before I put my plants outside. And the smell, bring it on. The more the merrier. Let the neighborhood smell it, I have motion detectors, alarms, and camera's. And a little snapping dog. And I sleep less than 50 feet from my garden, and a huge sliding glass door in my bedroom that looks right at the garden. And paperwork that hangs on the sliding glass window to show my legality.
  19. wow man i'm glad you have a good plan in mind already...Hey did you hear that i will be doing a grow log one of these days when i get some money together

  20. Hey no worries, when the time is right everything comes together. Never rush a grow. And do not skimp out on what you really need. What I mean by that is there are all sorts of knock offs of most everything. Get was is proven to work and spend the extra money for quality equipment. We all make the mistake and buy a few things that are less than adequate but in the end we end up junking that stuff and buying what we should of in the first place.

    Don't rush into Hydroponics until you master dirt first. Or you will just end up coming back to dirt. Just a little bit of friendly advice.

    I'll check out your grow journal when you get up and running. Keep reading these forums and you will learn a whole lot of great techniques from some fabulous growers. ;)

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