Tommy Gun Bong

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    Was at Spencers the other day and saw this Tommy gun vase type thing and I remember seeing it before and thinking that it would be perfect for a bong. Finally took the time today to sit down n drill the hole for the down stem. I think it came out pretty good. :smoke:


  2. Deff milkshot. Looks pretty sexy.
  3. Got it up, ill tryn get a better one later haha.
  4. C'mon man, you gatta white wall that shit.

    Don't half way load the chamber and then dump it, that's just disrespectful. D:
  5. how did you drill the hole?
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    trust me its actually got a lot more space in their than it looks like, the smoke sits at the bottom for a while usually.
    Go to Lowes or any hardware store and buy a glass/ceramic drill bit. Looks kinda like a spade almost. Took me about an hour to drill the hole but Ive done it quite a few times before so its pretty easy now.
  7. Really neat piece you got there. :)
  8. Thank you I plan on keeping it for a while at least as just a cool pipe to show people haha.
  9. Thats to pump

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