Tommy Chong Is My Idol

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Dude Tommy Chong is the man. I wish i could smoke a huge joint with him, prefferably like the ones he rolls in the movie Up In Smoke. The man not only smokes weed, he's made a career out of smoking weed. Now who wouldn't want that?

    What do all of you think about Tommy Chong and the Cheech And Chong movies?
  2. seems like a really cool to smoke with him....i saw some clip once of him lighting up on some talk show hahaha
  3. you want to smoke a huge joint of dog shit? and his career is movies, not just sitting around smoking weed. not saying he isn't a cool dude, but he did have to work for it.
  4. yea man, tommy chong is mad funny in that 70s show too
  5. He is currently doing some stand-up stuff with his wife. There are a bunch of great video's on you tube.

    I love his work on "that 70's show" , and i've read his book " The I Chong - meditations from the joint"
    Which is actually stemed from his favourite spiritual book " The I Ching"

    I've followed Tommy For a while, and i def recommend reading the book - gives a true insight into his humble little life and family
  6. i loved his movies,,, he endorsed a product, [ a urine additive ]

    called '' urine luck '' google it,,,, well the shit dont work,,, i failed because of it,,,

    if he's the man and devoted to us potheads,,, then why put his name [ and recieve money for it] on a product we will buy because we trust his endorsement,,,,,,

    like i said i like his movies,,,, but fuck him,,,

    and ive used a lot of urine additives to pass drug tests,,,, this stuff just dont work,,, but his names on it,,,,, so he choose the allmighty dollar over his '' followers'' ,,,, i'd suggest you find a new hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wave:
  7. my friend has an amazing bong autographed by him
  8. Leo was the shit.

    Man, I miss Chong and I really miss "That 70's Show."
  9. Dudes running for drug czar here soon.
  10. yea i read the I Chong that book was awsome. i couldnt believe half that shit could happen its a fucked up place

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