Tommy Chong Arrested

Discussion in 'General' started by tabou21, May 15, 2003.

  1. Yeah, that fucking sucks. That's why he's been touring again - so he can raise money to pay the fine. The U.S. government is so back asswards.
  2. Before i get into my soap box here all i have to say is,I cant wait for the new movie.

    anyway,here is probably one of the most popular spokesman ever for marijuana,and all he did is sell pipes?i bet they have been wanting to take him down for awhile.this is crap.the messed up thing to is he has to take drug test.What for?he didnt sell weed.he said he quit.why should the government give a flying fuck if tommy chong is smokin weed,because they will do anything to make news to make it seem they are doing a good job on "the war on drugs".hes a great target.should make some headlines for them.

    the whole federal system is fucked up.just like that doctor in is a guy,that had permission by the state of California,to grow weed for medical use.a signed document.the feds show up at his house he was naked and raided his house.the feds take him to trial,then the most fucked up thing happens,the defence in the trial could not present the fact that california gave him,guess what he is found guilty.of course when the jury gets out they hear about what had happened and said if they known about that they would have found the man fucked up is that.its scary to think cant even represent yourself fully in the justice eye.luckily he appealed and i think the case is to start again real soon.

    i hope this case backfires on the feds.i hope it opens up the biggest fattest can of worms they have ever had to deal with.wouldnt it be funny if the trial is appealed and the doctor wins.he should sue there ass off.not to mention start a new bill about marijuana use,federal,and state.maybe this is what we need to get the ball rolling on legalizing weed.

    in closing of this soapbox,i would like to lite up a jay a smoke it with all you all and say fuck off to the feds.whos with me.
  3. Bullshit man, we are the governments bitch for smoking marijuana.
  4. this country is going to the shit pot!!!!
  5. i dont have the resources to do this, but i really want to. cant someone speak up against this shit and tell the public on tv that marijuana isnt that bad, actually IMO its pretty damn good, and that the government lies about it? or do you think you would be assassinated for saying the gov. is lying? they would cover it up and say you got in a car crash or something -_-

  6. Ive sparked one up for Chong and his freedom.

    How long do you want to bet the feds were gunning for him? Here's a guy, praised by stoners, and he's basicly spitting in the fed's face.
  7. how was he spitting in their face? all he was doin was selling pipes. just curious, maybe theres somethin i missed.

  8. Over spoken point. But here is my logic.

    Your a top member of the DEA's top drugs team (yeah I know, bear with me). Theres chong there, making videos about goofed feds, and blazing it up.

    then theirs his pot humor. telling the audience about a illegal plan, wouldnt you think thats a insult? Its sort of promoting what that whole beauro is made to represent.
  9. It's times like these that I'm very ashamed to call myself American....

  10. more like they will kill you and say you were shot by a drug dealer,while getting your weed.then they would have more to build on.kill two birds with one stone.

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