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Tommorrow will be the first day in 900 days with no herbs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by canofthebis, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Hi All
    I used to smoke 9 days out of 10 
    And when I could not smoke for that 1 day I was unable to sleep and aggravated.
    Since 2012 I have not been a single day without smoking a spliff.
    In 2 days I have to go to stay at a hotel with lots of work colleague's.
    Sure I could get away with it. But the risk greatly outways the reward.
    I know tommorrow will not be fun, trying to get to sleep etc. but I do not feel as up tight about it as I used to, maybe I am in denial, but I am sort of looking forward to the test in some way's? It is something I need to get through. I used to just be angry when I could not smoke but I will try to remain calm
    Nevertheless I am after some advice. 
    Drink will be available at this meeting, which I do not usually partake in, but I am not against it either, do you think it will help knock off the urge? 
    I usually excercise a lot, but will not have chance to tommorrow @ the hotel. Maybe I should excercise a lot on the morning before I go? 
    Please help my day go stress free with your advice

  2. A few glasses of whiskey should do the trick to help you nod off.
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  3. Jeez.....a little tap on the vape never hurt anyone...especially in your room, no one around...whos to know?
  4. I'd definitely attempt to smoke in my hotel room. Or failing that, the old "I'm going to the shop" trick. Return 30 minutes later with eyes redder than a nun in a sex shop.

    Alternatively, a few drinks will take the edge off. Aids sleep and helps take your mind off the lack of herb.

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  6. just bring a small chillum/pipe and keep it in an air tight container.  At night just leave your room, go for a walk around the hotel and blaze up.  Ive stayed at many hotels across the country and have smoked at most of them ha, and i haven't had any trouble at all.  
    Or you could use the vape idea
  7. it won't stick, not for long.  Tobacco smell tends to stick for awhile.  Just bring something to drink and munch on and maybe rub some hand sanitizer on your hands.  
  8. Make a couple fire crackers
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  9. Get a grip.
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  10. Best idea is far!
  11. It's weed not crack. You're not addicted, you're just too lazy to break a habit. No I'm not saying that weed can't give you psychological withdrawal, but really? Is it that big of a deal? And if it is, and you can't figure out how to get high while being sneaky, then you probably don't deserve to work at whatever job is taking you to a hotel.
  12. ^ Agreed
    its not that bad, just try to enjoy your day without drugs.

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