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  1. Suppose you have a cunt of a professor who likes to call random people to the front, in a class of 300 people, and you're chosen today.

    He doesn't make you do anything worthwhile, just asks you to do whatever he says, on a computer with a giant projector screen. Perhaps something like demonstrating how to create a survey online through a google account..

    Now, there are 300 people in this room, and the professor is a cunt.

    He tells you what to type in, but what would you type, while he looks away for a few seconds, to create the greatest uproar/laughter/chaos?
  2. Post your phone number with "I have a huge schlong" and see who writes it down.
  3. photoshop your profs face on some funny picture put it online and pull it up in class.
  4. Put 5 reasons why professor ______Is a CUNT and then list them
  5. Haha I like this, but yea pullin up an edited pic of him you made would be good

    EDIT: Wait don't put I have a hug schlong, put "11 Incher" with your number
  6. If you're worried about being called to do those things just let him know that you have a lot of social anxiety and are terribly nervous about being called upon and could he please not call on you to do that since you sometimes have panic attacks infront of large crowds.

    Then enjoy never being called on.
  7. "Never gonna give you up"
  8. Dude that wasnt what he was saying at all, he was just asking what is something funny that he could put up on the screen in front of the entire class

    but yeah i say you just google some donkey porn real fast and leave your mouse on the X and when he turns around just exit it out real quick. Fucking disgusting but it would be hilarious
  9. You have 3 options here in my mind.
    1. Rick Roll/Cake Roll the class
    2. Tub Girl/ Goatse the class
    3. Type something like "Smoke weed every day".

    I vote 1. 2 if you are ballsy.
  10. "The dude that sits infront of me smells like cock"
  11. Two words: Cup Chicks.
  12. Rick Roll that 'cunt' professor!
  13. punch him in the back of the head.

    i'd laugh.
  14. Best response ever. I +rep you now tyrone biggums.
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    Yeah, type Incoming KO on the screen and then go for the punch. Too bad I'd probably be mangled by his bro-dude TAs..

    but yeah this already happened Friday, and I wished later I had done something creative. The guy treats his students like drones; it'd be nice to teach him some respect for individuality.

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