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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OutlawToker227, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Ok I went walking today and i cut through this abandoned tomato garden and I swear I saw atleast 10 4ft trees that had some good looking bud on them and I'm thinking about going back and cutting them down and keeping it for my self haha. But should I get them or just leave them? I think they were sellers/growers and they got busted. And how much weed do you think I would get after curing and trimming?

    Its not just a tomato garden they have other shit in their too but i saw the bud in the tomato part.
  2. If you're sure their owners abandoned them, sure why not. Otherwise DONT STEAL OTHER PEOPLES PLANTS!

    Also, post some pics
  3. I think you should't steal, but that's just me. Now if they are abandoned, go for it.
  4. Dude don't fucking steal them. That's fucked up.
  5. Abandoned... HELL YEA MAN!!! scoooore!

    Not Abandoned.... they took the risk of growing and they put the work in, don't steal it :/, put yourself in their shoes.
  6. Alright I'll try to get a pic tomorrow its dark here now haha

  7. Im not if someone is living their but I mean the house is for sale so I dont think anyone lives their so Im gonna watch the house for like a week and if i dont see anyone living their im gonna snatch em haha
  8. [quote name='"OutlawToker227"']

    Im not if someone is living their but I mean the house is for sale so I dont think anyone lives their so Im gonna watch the house for like a week and if i dont see anyone living their im gonna snatch em haha[/quote]

    Better yet do this. Wait until harvest time, if no one harvest them, then feel free to take them.

  9. That would be the right thing to do. Definitely post pics and let us know what happens either way.
  10. #10 KeepTheCycle, Aug 6, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2012
    TAKE IT MAN. They will just end up ripping off some kids with it at 20/g

    discussion of theft isn't allowed here
  11. Im sure they just planted weed for you to harvest. You cant talk about violence on this site but all you little noobs talk about is stealing weed plants. I want to ask the mods why this talk of theft is aloud. I didnt realize stoners stole from stoners. Why can you talk about stealing weed plants and not violence. I would love an explanation from SuperJoint. Where is the karma in theft of our medicine.

  12. If they are in prison or moved then how is it stealing? I mean its not to much longer and they will die from the cold anyways so as a stoner why would I let the good ole mary jane die when I can smoke it? If I see someone living in the house I will not touch them but i will ask to buy some haha. If I was a true thief I would have just taken them right then and their not ask others opinions about it. So before you jump to the conclusion of someone being a thief I would read the whole post. :smoke:
  13. A minority uses it for medicine.
  14. And that justifys stealing?
  15. I would take one very small bud from the bottom of the plant now. Then i would wait until late in the season, very late. When the plants look like they're dieing, and nobody has harvested them yet, then you know it really is abandoned. Then i would feel fine with taking them. And anyway, it's way to early in the season for the plants to be ready for harvest.

    Also, look for footprints in the area, if there are some that aern't yours then it isn't abandoned and you should never take it.
  16. Stealing whole plant is sketch, just take off mad buds lol

  17. Na ill be straight because their is a path behind my house that goes straight to that field haha it would look sketch if I did walk into the woods with a few empty trash bags and walk out with full ones:smoke:
  18. Karma's a bitch. Just sayin' :bongin:
  19. That's not really a question there's a right answer to.

  20. It's not. Discussion of theft is expressly forbidden in the rules.
    I guess the issue here is whether the plants were actually abandoned or not. Still, you're always welcome to use the report button and see what the mods think. :p

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