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  1.       Hey! quick question, I am currently growing 4 outdoor indica plants and they are doing well. I picked up something called "Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes"
           It's NPK number is  6-18-6,  It should be okay but, wanted to check in with more experienced growers. It says 2 spikes per plant feeds it for 8 weeks.
          Supposed to put them 15-18 centimeters from the stems
     Thanks in advance!


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    personally, from what ive read, most of the commercially available stuff (miracle grow, jobes, etc) is more for gardening veggies and herbs, but can be toxic for cannabis. If you have limited resources and also dont want to order anything online, i would try the alaskan fish fertilizer its OMRI organic approved and its dirt cheap at Lowe's or   i paid $7.98  
    MG will make your plants taste funky and real easy to burn your ladies. Even though the fish smells like butt, itll be worth it. Also, with those things your showing, you cannot "ease" or "Train" your plants into the fertilizer... its all or nothing, which is bad. you need to 1/4 dose fertilizer in... very important
    You need a fert that is high in nitrogen for the VEG state, and AFF is 5-1-1  it is very balanced at hard to burn...
    they also make a bloom fert that adds the proper phosphates to increase the flowering...
    msg me if you need any help
    growing can be easily over-thought and turned into a complicated situation. Just put the shit in the ground and make sure they stay watered and add a simple fert once a week... 

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