Tom and Jerry.....

Discussion in 'General' started by dhoyda, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. My buddies and I figured out what Tom and Jerry is all about. That carto9on shit. Like Tom, the cat is always cahsing Jerry because he is stealking his food be they both just got done with a bowl and now they got the munchies. So they race each other around adn try to get it back from eacdh other becvause they are hungry. We figured this out like 5 minutes ago when we were making a pizza. This shit is good BTW and I am still pretty fucked up:smoking:

    Shit is whack, it was weird, we all wigged out at the same time about pretty much the same thing, and wtf.....iys crazy.

    Well Im out to eat some pizza and hit teh bed, I am tireed and havbe easter tomorrow...

    Happy Tokin....
  2. i totally agree
  3. haha yeah dude for sure
  4. tom and jerry is the shit because you dont have to pay attention because theres really no plot line at all so you can just look over and geek out for like 1 minute then go back to whatever it was you were doing

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