Tom Amiano Pushing To Make Legal In CA again

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by draco2k3, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. heres the link to the article, about state assemblyman tom amiano of sf pushing to make it legal in calfornia. it would be a $50 tax per ounce, no sale to those under 21, no driving while under the influence. we really need to pass this, it could generate 1.4 billion in revenue!!
  2. I read that earlier in awe...

    It's time for change, make it happen, California!
  3. Lol I think this is the third article I have seen about this.
  4. LETS DO IT GUYS! :hello:

    I want to see this happen so bad even though im only 20!
  5. I'm wishing you guys luck.
  6. Lets go Cali!
  7. wonder when we'll find out what the outcome is
  8. Word.
    Anyone have links to follow this more closely?
  9. so far not much been said, they showed a 5 min clip on local news here in the bay but ill keep u guys up to date!!
  10. Vote yes.
  11. Excellent! Too bad it's only to persons 21 or over. However, if this is passed hopefully it will create a ripple effect of legalization as more and more state governments see the light....
  12. If this passes, I'm moving.

  13. The California Green Rush Begins: 2009
  14. QFT and +rep
  15. i've said this a few other places, but it needs repeating. contact your representative. this link makes it all automatic, it takes two minutes. i have a good feeling about this.
  16. Good link jhath69, though I am not a resident of CA I sent em a nice letter :)
  17. ahh 3 more years, im going to think of going to college in cali!
  18. I think im gunna be moving to calli with conan o'brian hahaha.

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