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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nilram04, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Try this on: A hypothesis on tollerance and cannabis use

    Many substances effect the body's Central Nervous System, either by depressing it or stimulating it. Alcohol and herion slowing it down and coke and meth speeding it up.
    The organism that is your body wants equilibrium. Alcohol will depress the CNS and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Our body compensates down the road by natural body stimulation, which we experience as nervousness.

    Cannabis does not depress the CNS. The ANS regulates heart rate and breath, heartbeat, appatite. It is our auto-piolet, sending hormones like adrenaline out when needed then returning to a state of equilibrium. Cannabis can restore this balance.

    But what if you smoke a lot and often? First off, good for you. Remember how high you could get easily when you started? I try to center myself everyday. So I'm not going to get too far off balance, perhaps.

    So this is a holistic viewpoint and is new to me. Maybe. Maybe not I buy it.

    Maybe that physical activity that I hear so much about is a healthy way to create some tension in the body before a smoke.

    Since I'm more of a couch potato, I would'nt know what a runner's high feels like. But I damn sure can guess since my THC (yeah I bought dat shit) fits right in the same receptor as does the body's own chemical anadamine!

    I don't think that a long tollerance break will last long. You might spend all that time just for one experience. Of course I'm talking out of my ass because I have never taken a break in the one year that I been a blazin.

    I thought that I had a bad case of "tollerance build up" a few months ago on a cruise to Mexico where I paid $40 for what felt damn close to 2 ounces, so very low quality bud. After a few days and nights of just blazzing the shit of this stuff, I was getting high but not for long.

    Then I found a joint of mids from back home. Sha-Zam!!! I had a smile on my face like I just hit on a bong rip of the cannabis cup winner!

    Money is getting tight dealers. I like the the good stuff just as much as you do, but gimme my mids for a nice daily buzz.

  2. sorry bro. weed is shit here too. theres some stuff like there always is, but its alot more expensive when regs are just ditch for the winter. maybe its the economy, who knows?

    either way, your dealer is sufferin too

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