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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by datachild, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Do you grow a tolerence to weed the more you smoke?....and How much does everyone here have smoke to get high?
  2. yes, and it depends on the weed....if it's good then i only need a lil bit...if its schwag then it would take a lot more, but i dont smoke schwag
  3. i read in a psychology book that marijuana actually has a reverse tolerance it said that the more you smoke the less you need to get high it seems to me that i have to smoke more now to get really high so i dont know what's right
  4. I seem to need more...the more I smoke. But, if you stop for a day...nice buzz.

  5. Yes, but the tolerance can be reseted to zero if you wait a week to a month without smoking. I just blazed 2 bowls of chronic through a bong yesterday and I was f'ed up for a while, this was after not blazing for a week too.
  6. Most of the time it only takes a little bit cause the weed around here is so good, but yea, if i stop for a week or so and start smoking again like normal, I get much higher.

  7. It definitely depends on the bud you have. Nugs usually takes a couple bowls, schwag usually takes a blunt or two. Anything better than KB is usually one or two bowls to get me good and blazed.

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