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Tolerence (that bastard)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. High guys, look... i have a really high tolerence... it started when i was smoking really good shcwag for a while... pfft that shit dont even get me high any more... but... even so, other weeds even have trouble gettin me high... i dunno what the fuck is goin on but the other night i rolled up a 2gram blunt of some fire ass dank... on a 3 head rotation... and i swear to God i should have been honestly like 5 times higher than i was. i was a bit passed buzzed.. waht the fuck,... anyone have ANY suggestions on how to lower tolerence other than quitting for a while, cuz that one i know and I'm trying to avoid it. I heard that cleaning out your system, with them things from like GMC, magnum 45's etc, takes ur tolerence away... true or false?
  2. no dude, just take a breather or cut back a bit. it is good to take a break every now and then, i am in the middle of one right now, it has been two weeks since THC and three or four since anything decent. i will not pick it back up for another week or so, i should get completely blazed.
  3. stoping for a week is like turning swag into dank! I love it, whenever i quit for two weeks, i only buy a quarter of swag and it gets me ripped like nugz. I love it!

    PS can anyone see my siggie pic? My keeps showing up as a the little red x. but thats how everyone else looks too. so just wonderin.
  4. nope can't see your sig
  5. just smoke more , or better shit. No matter how much you smoke there should be no reason a blunt to the head by yourself shouldnt get you high. I been smoking for 10 going on 11 yrs and i can still get ripped offa one jay or one blunt. More times than not its not your tolerance its the weed. For example the other day i was with my boy and he had some weed that wasnt that good we smoked a blunt then took some bong rips and i was barely high, i think it had more to do with the weed than my tolerance for weed ya know what im sayin.

    When im smokin someones weed that isnt up to pare i just take bigger hits and hold the hits in longer than normal , hold in each hit like its your last if the weed you smokin aint gettin you high.
  6. I couldn't get high off of nugs anymore, so I took a five day break...I couldnt believe the difference! I got high on a bong pack to myself. Before I took the break, it took a nug blunt to the head to get me buzzin'
  7. sounds like a plan man, take a 5 day break n we can smoke on the weekend ;)
  8. yeah, just forgot about pot for a few days and drink some beers. and have fun

  9. That's the only smart thing to do. Just take a week off and chill out for a bit. Then pack the fattest bowl you have ever seen and rock and or roll
  10. Smokie,
    If you're anything like me (and it sounds like you might be) taking a week off is a pretty unattractive option. I was having the same problem that you are, not experiencing nearly the high I should be getting based on the quality and quantity I was smoking. I took off the last two days (probably the first time I've skipped a day in about 10 weeks) and must say that the results for my tolerance were quite noticeable. I rolled a nice spliff this morning, with more tobacco than I usually use, and got ridiculously high...
    Anyway, I'm also taking off the next four days because I have four midterms in two days. Come Thursday, after my last midterm, I plan on getiting properly ripped. Even better, On Saturday I get to go home to Cali from Connecticut, thus experiencing a significant increase in the quality. I'm so excited.
    I'm sort of rambling, but my point, I guess, is that it's easiest if you make a game out of it. When you want to smoke, instead you can think about how stoned you'll get in two days, and try to set up a really great session that you'll really be looking forward to... a reward for your self control. For me, the greatest thing is to get stoned like when I first started smoking. Not only does it bring back a lot of memories, it reminds me why I enjoy smoking so much. Good luck to you my friend.
  11. Man I dont know about anyone else here but no matter how long youve been smoking theres no reason a blunt of really good weed will not completely tear you apart.

    A bongpack of kb for me gets me completely blitz, and im a going on 5 yr smoker myself.

    I dunno, sometimes I hear a lot of "blah blah this, we smoked 3 blunts and I was buzzin a little" The hell? do they know how to smoke? heh.

    Does anyone else feel like this too?
  12. i dont think i could ever go more than a day without smoking unless it was for a drug test. The longest ive gone in the past 4-5 yrs was 5days and thats cause i thought i MIGHT have to take a drug test and i was HATING life those 5days i was getting grumpy with everyone at work and at home i just wasnt fun to be around. Ive been smokin for almost 11yrs , been smokin multiple times everyday for the past 4 or 5 yrs and i still have no problem gettin high. If im smokin by myself a bowl to the head still gets me high easily. When i didnt smoke daily though it use to just take me anywhere from 1-3 hits to get high so there is a noticable difference. Luckily ive been fortunite enough to allways have hookups on some very very very high potent medical shit.
  13. a day or 2 of sobriety should be more than enough to get your tolerance down..

    just keep yourself busy
  14. the only other way i can think of improving tollerance other than quitin for a while is to keep switchin strains. get some indica like white widow or some shit like that then get somthing totally different like bubblegum then get somthing like charas or doublezero... as long as you aint smokin the same supply for ages it will make the high better when u get back round to white widow than if you'd been smokin it all the time. (and if anyone can actually get that kind of quality & choice as and when they want it give me a call on +4401***... hahaha)

    but yeah. everyone is right. the only way is to take a break. it really isn't that bad... trust me. I'm a medical user and it always seems like such a shit scary and daunting concept to be without the herb when its in need... so if u just a regular recreational chronic toker then it aint gonna b that bad... u just might get a couple of nights when its hard to get to sleep.

    not the news u wanted to hear but thats the news u hearin anyways, take a break or take it easy.
  15. a few days is enough ??? fukk i am gonna be wasted next time i do it, due to my isolation in orkney i aint done any in about 3 months, and i am a skinny runt anyway. methinks me will do some this weekend (damn education, cops been raiding places where people goto smoke at lunch)

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