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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cmori3, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. How often / how much do you guys smoke without working up a significant tolerance?
    How long does it take smoking daily to build up said tolerance?
    that is all
  2. I smoke only weekends. Maybe 2-3g a weekend. I have practically no tolerance still.
  3. I've vaped almost every day, once a day for 2 months and my tolerance is becoming noticable. I can still get super baked though. just not to the point of fucked up.
  4. I suggest not smoking back to back. Like no two days in a row. And if you do smoke everyday only do it at night. And try to workout during the day. That kept my tolerance at a nice level.

    But once you get up to the everyday wake and bake its over for you. Two days of that and you tolerance will hit the ceiling.

    When i smoke i like to get high. Like HIGH. SO i like to get at least a half 0 for a weekend. 4 blunts on friday. 3 blunts on saturday. 2 blunts sunday. Each blunt is like 1.5

    Plus i can get a lil pick me up on hump day. From the roaches and shake. If you are new to smoking i suggest you do it like that.

    But you would probably be good with like an 8th of dank. Maybe a quarter. I would do quarter.

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