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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OmgHiiDanny, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I know this question has probably been asked quite a few times on the forums,
    & I figured I'd rather get some input from GC instead of just using Google.

    So I've been smoking from about 10 Months, everyday.
    I was talking to my friend last night and he said you gain maximum tolerance after only 2 months of smoking, and if you take a 7 day break it'll lower it intensely. I won't say completely, but yeah.

    So is 7 Days good? Or should it be longer?
    & When does the body meet maximum tolerance?

    My friends are leaving for USAF in Dec. and their last days for smoking is Oct 2nd. We're going to the club and purchasing $300.00 worth of some of the dankest we can get.
    I went on my "clean streak" 3 days ago for my tolerance to lower because I wanted to get as high as I could.
  2. a month is good. but a wekk, will definitely help.
  3. hahaha yeah 1 week and your going to love your high:D

    and i think after 1 month you be FLYING HIGH WITH RED EYES AND EVERYTHING:smoking::hippie:
  4. Thanks haha,
    Can't wait til the second :smoking:

    My friend is bringing his vape, and we're supposed to get a 98% THC hash:hello:, with White Widow/Rhino.

    I'm going to get pretty fucking high then, I wish I didn't have a tolerance now haha.:smoking:
  5. hahaa not trying to be a dick or anything but hash at it's highest form can only reach up to 70%
  6. Its probably BHO or budder and his friend didn't want to explain how to make it and/or what it was.
  7. #7 OmgHiiDanny, Sep 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2009
    I've seen a "98% THC" concentration, that's what my friends were planning on getting. I've never actually smoked it or anything. They say and/or think it's hash I guess?


    E.T.D. (Ether THC Distillate). It is made through a vacuum distillation process and it tested at 98% THC. At Harborside Health Center
  8. He doesn't make it, I don't pay attention to what it is, ect. Just because I don't have a card and they do. They buy it, we all smoke it.
    So it's whatever :D

    Reguardless weather it's 70% or "98%" -I'm getting high:smoking:
  9. The body meets maximum tolerance when you can't get high no matter how much you smoke, I've only met one guy like this, and hes smoked 4 blunts of crazy shit a day for 10 years. But yeah you should be set with a week sober.
  10. Yeah man for free too! And its medical. That rocks dude I wish my friends had mmj cards. Have fun :smoking:

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