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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theSMOGcheck, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Does everyone who smokes weed after a while create a tolerance towards it? Or do some people never create a tolerance, if so, how long does it take / how much do you have to smoke to get a tolerance? I have been smoking more often the past 3 1/2 months or so I'd say and I can take a single waterfall hit and get high off it. Maybe that's normal. If so then excuse me for being a n00b. Help?
  2. Well it depends on what ype of bud u smoke. I normally smoke some mids But i built up a ok tolerance. i dont get as high of mids as i used to. now i need like 2 joints to get high. But its different on everyone. just keep smokin on a regular and ur tolerance will build up. But i advise u that its not always good to biuld up ur Tolerrance, it depends on how much money ur willing to spend on weed, and the type of weed u can get hooked up with
  3. To me it for sure seems like im building tolerance. I used to get RIPPED off a single bowl of mersh and now it takes two bowls. Stupid simple example but you can definitely build tolerance with time and smoking more often.

    I will let someone else give you a long scientific reason but for something simple you can look at my example.

    happy toking:smoke:
  4. I'd like to keep my tolerence down, I normally smoke a bowl each night and about every other day or so at lunch. Over half the time, it is nug. But that is mostly because it's still winter, mids are starting to come around again.
  5. It will take a while for your tolerance to build and I can promise you that. I personally stick with mids unless my close friends get any good dank I can get for cheap.

    This economy is really messing with my stash of cash...
  6. thanks for the tips fellaz.
  7. I've been smoking for a while and a bowl of good mids always gets me high.

    A certain family member has been smoking for ~25 years and still gets just as high off a joint as he used to.
  8. I hope it stays like that for me too. I just took one waterfall and im ripped. go me :smoke:

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