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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mike Oxlong, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. me and a friend of mine have been smoking a lot lately, a LOT. now whenever we session it takes us well over a gram each to get stoned and we both always want to get more stoned, it never stops, do u guys think its the tolerance.we had good weed but still doubted it, but then my friend got some purple kush and it was the same thing with having to smoke alot. u guys think its just tolerance and i need to back off for a lil or wut
  2. i kno wha dat feels like man. over the summer, dro became bunk to me and getting high was extremely difficult (and expensive). everyone in my group was feelin dat, and started to try to get drunk more or pop sum CCC with the bud. basically, our tollerence went up and we needed more to smoke. i took a month and half break and have started to smoke once in a while, as opposed to everyday so i can keep my tolerence low. and trust me, it was well worth it. each time i've smoked so far, it now takes me 2-3 good hits on some dro to start feeling it and i get blitz after the session is over. good to be back!

    NOTE TO SUPERJOINT: i can't get my old sn, xplicitcontent to work cuz i forgot the password and the email for it as well, can you PLZ help me out.
  3. hahaha, or you can just lose a lot of weight and become as small as me (100 lbs). then see how much it takes for you to feel it.....

    but realistically, even taking just a week break and/or switching strains would work best. if you do both, you'll probabily get the best results. hope ot works out for ya!

  4. LOL! Xplicit!!!! I'll ask SJ and see if he can't help you. He may need possible emails that could have been used but I'll let him know you are having a problem. :)

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