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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ballin' Toker, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. so you build up a tolerance the more it builds up n ur system correct? burning all the thc off of your body gets rid of your tolerance right? so my question is this. I do MMA and am training most of the week intense workouts and sweating like a pig... so doing that and smoking will keep my tolerance low so I wont have to really take tolerance breaks???
  2. or just smoking until you get high and not smoking more and more even if you are blazed.

    i just smoke a joint and it been that way for a year
  3. this may be wrong
    but if you continue to smoke a lot while gettting excersize
    you will still build up a tolerence
  4. but the thc gets attached to ur fat cells, working out burs it off. so does tolerance have to do with ur brain or is it like i think and the thc buildup n ur cells?
  5. It's in your brain. When you continually saturate your cannabinoid receptors with THC, your body compensates by "down-regulating" these receptors; effectively pulling them inside your neurons so they cannot be triggered by THC. It takes a significant amount of THC-free time for your receptor density to return to 100% normal, up to several months if you are an every day smoker.
  6. The biproducts of weed are stored in fat cells, so by exercising, you are lowering your tolerance. Having low body fat (which I imagine you do if you're into MMA) and a high metabolism is also helpful. Honestly, it all depends on how often you smoke. How often?
  7. It depends on how often you smoke, how much you smoke, and the potency of the buds. The bi-product of THC is METABOLIZED in the fat cells, this means the more you exercise or the less fat you have, the less amount of time its going to stay in your system. Like said above, tollerance as you know it (the ABILITY to get high) completely relies on the receptors in your brain and "how much" they get used. Thats why this plant is so safe.

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