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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Would your tolerance go up if you took just 1-2 little hits and just got a mild buzz 3 times a day but just got really ripped like once or twice a month. My tolerance is very low so when I smoke a gram myself I'm TRIPPING!
  2. I'm a pretty lit right now and not really understanding what your trying to get at, but anyways are you trying to raise your tolerance or keep it low?
  3. Keep your tolerance as low as you can dude. Just smoke less if you get too high. A gram is WAY too much if your tolerance is low. Maybe smoke a quarter or half gram.

    You'll be wishing for those trippy highs if your tolerance goes up.
  4. If I've gone a few days without the green, it'll only take me about .5 grams of some good mids to get me ripped. Or like .2 of some fine ass dank shit
  5. word dude facing gram can get most ppl stoned sir especially if its dank
  6. tolerance really starts to go up when you smoke every day. after about 2-3 months of that you'll start to notice it. don't think that 1 or 2 bowls will do the trick.

    ha, speaking of which, i just finished a 10 day t-break. time to get blasted...

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