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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by milkpuller420, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hi, I've seen a bunch of threads here about gaining a tolerance and how bad It is. I've smoked about 20times this month and my high has been about the same everytime (same weed, same dosage ) so how long to you have to smoke to gain a significant tolerance ?
  2. Been smoking two years and still have a small tolorence

    Only you can finish th
  3. Take a dab. Your tolerance will sky rocket. And imo dont try to get a tolerance.. having one doesnt make you cool because you can smoke 6 bowls and be buzzed. Think about it like this 5$= blazed or 25$= same high. What would you rather have? Haha
  4. A dab? And lol I don't think I'm cool nor do I want one I was just wondering how much one had to smoke to gain one
  5. Ohhh. Haha dab is wax.
  6. I've smoked for awhile, but I take sometimes up to 4 month tolerance breaks, and other shit once and awhile.
  7. I've been smoking for years now and I have always had basically the same tolerance. I try not to smoke myself out every single day, I smoke every other day or every two days. Sometimes I don't even smoke for a week and I find that my tolerance is waaaaay down and I always get fucked up even if I take a 2-3 day break from smoking. It's groovy
  8. Yeah, as long as you don't smoke SHIT LOADS everyday I think most people should be fine, but I know a lot of people that only like getting stoned out there minds an anything less is unsatisfactory so yea
  9. Off topic, but going by you username do you have a nexus 7 or the phone

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