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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SsYyNn, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. So I'm sure this thread has been done before, but new's ones are always better....and I don't wanna restart a old thread..

    Anyways, I've been smoking everyday for over a year now and still get a very good high for a few hours from a .1 bowl.

    What about you guys? How long have you've been smoking and how much does it take you to get high.
  2. ive smoked daily for 5 - 6 years.
    it only takes about .3 - .5 for me to get destroyed.

    id say i have taken 2 weeks off maybe twice throughout my career.
  3. haha nice man:p yeh I couldn't even finish a gram by myself through a bong..or at least the one I have lol
  4. :bongin:

    that is why glass is the way to go if you're smoking.
    blunts & joints are a serious waste.
  5. yeah, blunts kinda suck, they're such a waste.

    anyway, it takes about .5-.7 to get me pretty stoned when i'm smoking alone, and a couple grams when i'm with other people.
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    one joint in the morning containing .4 grams really has good effect.
    Dosing happenes every 2 hours and 45 minutes ideally.

    If i am mentally very active i can get seriously tripped out of my mind if 3 tokes..
    I have been smoking steady on since april since the last time i restarted smoking bud.
    I had times i ingested 5 to 6 grams of primo medical bud.

    Quitting has done great things for tolerance.
    I can take a 4 grams daily intake
    but 1 gram is perfectly okay as well..

    btw "intake" can be joints and edibles....
  7. My daily intake is like .3 lol except weekends
  8. A gram a day keeps me feelin' gay
  9. i usually just smoke wax these days, 2 fat dabbs will have me stoned for a few hrs..
  10. when i'm alone i smoke like 1g a day i think

    and i smoke almost everyday
  11. I've been a pretty consistent toker for almost 20 years and .25 gets me nicely baked. .50 and i'm zooted-functional but a good bit distracted. 1 gram in a sitting and I'm liable to find myself up at the barn staring at a piece of wood and admiring its grain pattern.

    only smoke out of a glass pipe and I've got a cheap bong for special occasions.
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    I don't have a scale at all, so I have to estimate, but I'd say if I'm smoking flowers out of a dry pipe, I'll load a full bowl of maybe .3-.4 and that gets my nicely baked at about an 8/10. With water pipes I'll load maybe half of that between two snaps, so about .2-ish to get to that same 8/10. and finally, if I'm taking dabs I really only need one small sized dab to achieve that average 8/10, so that'd be much less than even .1.

    Over a whole day I probably do all 3 of these smoking activities once or twice each, so I'd say I easily go through about a gram each day, give or take. Every day is different too though, I'm not a very steady smoke, though I do toke every day no matter what.

    edit: forgot to include that I was a daily smoker for about 3 years straight, then last year took a [forced] 7 month T-break, and I've been smoking daily again for the past 2-3 months. I feel like my tolerance is exactly where it was when I had my 3 year streak going.
  13. I've been partaking for about two and half years now with one major break, daily for the better part of 2012.

    Each evening I vape on a trench in my Launch Box. Trenches last me anywhere from six to eight days. Based on this month's data, each trench is about .183g. If we say I make a trench last an average of seven days, that comes out to about .0261g per night, .784g per month, and about 9.41g per year.

    I think my tolerance is in a pretty good place. I'm a bit of an outlier in using this little cannabis and still medicating each day, but I'm very happy with level of high I get each evening. It's become a wonderful ritual made even better by how cheap it is to maintain.

    Like I said in a previous thread, experimenting with very small amounts of bud can be just as fun and rewarding as experimenting with very large amounts.
  14. Man I thought I was the only with really low tolerance lol, I get a nice mellow high for 3-4 hours from 0.05G, and I get pretty stoned from 0.1G for 4+ hours.

    I keep my tolerance low though (not on purpose, some days I just don't feel like smoking), sometimes I take a couple days off, sometimes I toke every day, it's different every week.
  15. I have to smoke just to fall asleep lol
  16. more than a g a day. 1.2 maybe?
  17. can't wait till I'm out of college and making some money, then I can start a glass collection and make some nice concentrates:p
  18. I've been smoking almost everyday for 5 years and any good dank can blow me out
  19. Been blazing for 8 years, every day.

    Takes me about .4-.5 to get me roasted. I usually just do like .3 twice a day though.
  20. weekly to everyday now for a year. .3 in a bowl and more to get lifted.
    Highs go quick unless I'm packing .8 of some fire

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