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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Stillblazin, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Can you tolerance to weed ever go back down to when you first started toking? I remember i used to get completely baked out of my mind when i first started, and now the high is not even comparable.

    If so, how long of a tolerance break would i have to take? I already decided to take a break because weed was becoming a priority in life. (3 days clean)
  2. It never will be the same as the first time , but it will be very similar if you have a long tolerance break for like a few months ( your mind forgets the effect of weed ) then you will get pretty chonged dude. Id reccomend just taking a t break for 2 weeks that should get most of the shit out of your system and your highs will instantly be better after 2 weeks you will be good to go :D
  3. thanks dude nice first post btw haha
  4. np bro been lurking these forums and thought id register , happy smoking man
  5. A 2 week t-break and you should be blown :smoke:
  6. In order to get the most out of your high, you should try edibles when you come back from your 2 week t-break. I'm not sure if you already use them but it should make your high much better!
  7. I did a complete substance break (thc, caffeine, alc, nicotine) for only 6 days and when I smoked it felt like one of my first few times. even my friends said they'd never seen me act up that much while I was high. I can't even imagine what a whole month would do
  8. It's never the same :'(

    Haha, i remember the good days, i'd smoke a j and be completely baked off my ass! :p

    Even if you take a huge tolerance break, i've found that it all builds up very quickly again.

    I took a break for 2 weeks, when i smoked again, i was veryyy high, but i only got that high again once more, until i was back to where i was before.

    Last year, i stopped for about 2 months... when i smoked that first j again, i was pretty baked off my ass, but not as much as a virgin high, it took longer to build up again, but i'd say a good 3 weeks of every day smoking again, and i was right back to where i was lol

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