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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by phillysmoker92, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. I am at a spot where I honestly want to smoke every day, but whenever I do, I am high for half an hour tops, then I start to come down. One day, I rolled a personal j of kush and kief to smoke, then smoked a j with some hash in it with a friend, and I was high for about the time it took me to smoke. Ive been trying to take breaks during the week, and smoke only on the weekends, but my tolerance still isnt going down.

    What balance do people like to strike? I mean, im all for smoke weed everyday, but I also like to be able to get high as fuck when I want to.
  2. I don't believe either of those are true. Try changing up your environment, you're probably too used to just chilling on the sofa watching tv. Put yourself in a situation that you're not used to doing high every time. You're not at the peak of your high after 30-45 minutes anymore, but you're certainly not not high.

    picture of bud?
  3. I may have exaggerated a bit, but the essence is still true. If I smoke before a movie, I am sober halfway through. I trust my bud source: right now I have northern lights and granddaddy purp. I do generally just smoke on the couch and chill though, maybe I will try a change in environment. Time to drag the couch outside.
  4. Yeah I hear ya on that, dark movie theatres kill the high pretty quick. I think it's because you have to focus on only one thing and be quiet.

    Try smoking then hanging out with someone that doesn't know you smoke and that you don't really want to know. Or even someone you know is AGAINST weed. That works for me every time haha

    You ever hotbox? I usually feel higher than normal after hotboxing the same amount of bud vs not hotboxing.
  5. Dude hotboxing is the bees knees. But make sure your comfartable first. I freaked out in a small 4person car with 6 people in it, it was also dark in the garage we wre in with not a single light but the one from the radio.
  6. Haha, I love a good hotbox. Me and my friend hotbox my closet, and there is just enough room for the two of us. Each time we have come out, and been high for hours.
  7. You could also try eating a couple mango's like 15 minutes before the sesh, been meaning to try this myself to see if it actually works.

    Umm. you have a bong? that always puts me on the next level from papers.

    Every try making BHO? Instead of using a big ass glass tube and a bunch of weed just buy a $5 one hitter and use that as your tube. Then all you need is coffee filters and some butane. You and your friend can each throw in about a gram and get enough hash oil to get you both baked. And only off a few dabs.
  8. What is the idea behind the mangos? I would be down to try.

    As far as the one hitters, I have never really liked them. They dont hit as well as a j or a piece or bong, and I almost always get scooby snacks.

    Also, what is BHO? I have heard about hash oil, but dont know how to make it.
  9. I've had a high tolerance for a good 7 years. The obvious solution to dealing with a high tolerance would be to 'smoke more', which is true, it's what I've done most of the time. But if you're on a budget.. taking breaks, conserving, or trying alternative ways to smoke are some of the things that could help with your tolerance.

    Taking breaks; I've noticed that I need to wait at least 3+ weeks to notice any significant different with my tolerance. But that's only temporary, my tolerance will end up as high as it was before the break by the end of the day.

    Conserving; Stretching bowls, or only smoking certain times of the day (Night/Day). If I'm conserving weed I'll smoke mainly at night.. because I can't get to sleep otherwise.

    Alternative Techniques; Going from a 'joint with hash' to bowl topped with hash in a bong would be a huge difference. You'd smoke less, and be higher for longer period of time. Especially if you're not a regular bong user. Rigs, Vapes, and Gravity bongs are good if not better.

    Hope it helps. (;
  10. alter the ways you consume can help too. bong one day roll the next etc
  11. Something in the mangos opens up receptors or something like that, not sure exactly but it's supposed to make you higher.

    I mean use the glass one hitter to shoot your BHO out of instead of shooting it out of a big tube. Just google "how to make BHO," hash oil is just another name for it basically. Has more letters so i prefer BHO lol. Shooting it just refers to running butane through the tube into a dish then letting it evaporate... the result is the extraction of the cannabinoids out of the butane, with no plant matter. Don't have dispensary/testing but good wax (just more purified oil) is like ~85%
  12. get a vape. lol
  13. Tolerance is a bitch man.

    Buts its not just tolerance, if you do the same thing all day every day no matter what it is your doing its eventually going to get boring.

    Take a break even if its only a day or two, plus when your stoned erday being sober can be an adventure because your not used to it
  14. Its not the tolerence its the fact you are use to being high.....same for me.....put yourself in a different scene like a busy mall. youll know your high then
  15. Tolerance information here ->

    "When you are done with your tolerance break, many make the mistake of thinking they can pick up their old smoking habits and then are quickly disappointed when their tolerance is shot within a few days. The true key to any tolerance break, is a break from the marijuana lifestyle. When you first started smoking, you undoubtedly smoked less than you do now. And the tolerance you had then, was in part due to your smoking habits.

    Your tolerance break can be more effective if you use it then to help gauge the high you wish to achieve. Then build your smoking habits around this. Only smoke enough to get you to that, good good high. Make note of how much you use during your first week, and try to stick to this. There are always exceptions where you will smoke more, but do not make them a rule.

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