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    I know this has been posted before. but I just hope I can get some advice from the much more experienced stoners here.
    I'm really new to smoking but I'm a pretty heavy smoker, among my friends at least lol. I have built my tolerance up over the past year with the longest tolerance break being less than a week. And I have only taken 2 or 3 breaks in the whole year. 
    I'm a daily dabber. I dab very heavily. from the moment i wake up I would just start dabbing while the food is being microwaved or delivered. I would take 3 dabs every 15 to 30 minutes or so. For the past month or so it has gotten harder for me to get high, just simply stoned. I tried doing dabmarines but that just gave me headaches lol. tried edibles (because i had half of those 500mg brownie before and it was sick), took way too long. 
    i just would like to know if a tolerance break is the only answer here (which I can do but would rather not to). am i smoking way too much? Do people who dab only a couple of times a day experience the same thing? 


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