Tolerance Sucks

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  1. ok im just saying
    this tolerance is really getting annoying
    i have over 50 strains in my head stash and i have hash brownies and tincture
    i need to triple medicate to get really hammered
    today im smoking black cheese (homeade breeding)
  2. Well in my opinion the higher tolerance is better, only cause you can smoke more =)
  3. Just get high man.
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    This will take a month and more, but how about increasing your number of CB1 receptors? CB1 receptors are responsible for getting you high (and 1000 other "little" things- like killing cancer cells).

    Our western diet sucks bad! :( And it is making us sick, crazy and it cuts into our high!

    In oils there are essential fatty acids- stuff your body can't make. You have likely heard of Omega 3? That is an important one, Omega 6 is everywhere and we get WAY too much of the 6 and almost zero Omega 3!

    Now this is a problem, since we need Omega 3 to make working CB1 receptors. If there is only Omega 6 around, the body will use that in a pinch, but a chunk of the receptor, the Gi/o effector protein, that is supposed to be attached, is left flopping free! :eek: Omega 6 doesn't make good CB1 receptors!

    Fewer working CB1s means a less of a high for you! (and a greater risk of depression, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases) The process of getting enough working CB1s to make a difference in your brain takes at least a month of taking either fish oil, or flax or hemp seed oil! Wish this was a "quick fix", but it's not. :cool:

    The big up-side to all this, is that Omega 3 is really good for your heart, and may protect you against colon cancer! :D In fact, a loss of functional CB1s is first sign in Parkinson's, pre-mature birthing, early aging, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and more! :eek: They are important for a LOT more than "just" getting high! Getting higher is just the icing on the cake! :smoke:

    Read this for more info-

    Omega-3 PUFA Deficiency Abolishes Endocannabinoid-Linked Neuronal Functions
    (news - 2011)

    EDUCATE YOURSELF! :yay:(and take your Omega 3!)

    Granny :wave:
  5. Cool story bro
  6. I started taking Omega-3s last month but I would have never thought it would have positive affects on our 'high'. I've got to say from personal experiences it actually does work. Thanks to omega 3s I feel way more comfortable when i'm baked then before taking it. edit; it may or may not be an placebo effect but nonetheless i feel great
  7. i just wanted to complain.....and let other chime in :)

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