Tolerance shouldnt be a thing

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  1. I define the tolerance as the level of mind foginess a person does have.

    Im daily toker, and Im at bad tolerance level.. its because I abused it.

    Right now.. im at my worst mind foginess over my life and at my top weed tolerance (2 joints after sobering up for 14 hours... get me to feel normal ) ...

    As I said tolerance = the fog in your mind.. if u have it then u r doing weed wrong... even daily tokers can still have healthy mind if they dont abuse and excercise, healthy food, hydrate, take suppliments.

    After tommorow's midterm, im quitting.. cant study or focus sober
  2. Idk why studying high 500% much easier and fun rn... maybe because of the mind fog..
  3. That's a really bad idea considering weed impairs your memory. I can do easy work high, but get me studying math or chemistry high, I can't do it. Need that short term memory to keep the numbers straight.
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  4. I have no choice... I swear I felt brain dead for the whole time .. I went to the library so I have no distraction, at the morning.. aand didnt get any shit done...

    Noe im high.. everything makes sense and I feel I have brain to understand
  5. So weed just makes you actually take an interest I guess. Just from my own experience though, there's nothing I can understand high that I wouldn't be able to do better sober. It definitely impairs me, drains my focus. The last thing I wanna do after smoking is sit down and study for 3 hours.
  6. I've been trying to cut back on smoking so much, you hit the nail on the head with the brain fog, best thing is to take a few days off. That's slightly hard to do for me because I rely on merry for a lot of things, which isn't good but it's better than the alternative I guess I justify to myself in my mind. Damn I'm high
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  7. I get your point, used to be like u...

    But, now the 'High' is my normal.... I can do anything, literally.. I havent sobered up for like 25 days ( wake up, wakenbake and smoking till night) ..

    Studying sober now is no choice.... I tried it after sobering up 100% .. Im burnt out so weed only makes me function like a human... I dont 3veb get crazy highs.. almost like coffee tbh

  8. 2-4 days of self discplince and convincing yourself every 3 mins to not light the bowl, and it will be easy.

    3rd day, the benifit of quitting (brain activity, emotions that were numbed by THC, energy, etc... gonna start to return normal.. so you will feel amazing..

    Quitting other drugs might make u sick, but weed make your brain almost fry asking for THC ... but not nearly as bad as cigs.
  9. For whatever reason I got to the point where my tolerance would stay low, even while vaping multiple times a day everyday for over a year.

    But if I was at the point where I needed a bunch of weed just to get somewhat high I'd take an extended break. Try a month. The first week will suck but you'll be fine afterwards. Keep busy.
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  10. Kinda hard when u have half Oz

    But Im sure.. after 1 month break, I can make this weed last 3 times longer at least

  11. Then smoke the rest of your stash then start your break.

    And yeah after a month you tolerance should lower a fair amount. Tolerance is an interesting thing. When I started smoking regularly back in 2008-2009 I could smoke several grams (with friends) in one evening no problem. Then I got a vape in 2015 and would managed to make 2 grams last me a week and a half.

    I do know exercise helps so maybe try that if you aren't active. That rush of endorphins after working out + THC makes you feel soooo high and so good lol. Best of luck.
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  12. Welcome back Royk

    I haven't taken a break for a good 3-4 years. I need to smoke probably .3 to .4 to set myself with a mild buzz... step up to a blunt though with a gram or more and that will get me good. I miss being completely faded... but every once and a while I smoke a little bit more and i just end up not enjoying it as much as the mild buzz. I miss most, being able to conserve weed on a low tolerance smoking one hitters. I smoke maybe a 1/4 a week, if i was at low tolerance that would last me 2-3 weeks easy.
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  13. The thing is: It doesn't take much weed to get us high, especially 2016 super dank, yet we still consume a lot. 2 nice rips and I'm good, but I'd much prefer to face a j because why not. I think people get used to the effects more so than it being a tolerance, in a way. Like for the majority of the time since I was 18 I've been high, drunk, or other, so I've gotten. used to the feeling. I am just used to being high going about my daily business. I don't feel like I get foggy brained unless I am tired, weed amplifiers my want to take a nap or go to sleep. Otherwise, it gives me a feeling of deep thinking. I enjoy smoking a bowl while doing homework. Going to class high is cool, too. I find I can get into the lecture a lot better, it feels easier to comprehend. Taking good notes is the key to doing well.
    I think people just kinda get a groove going that works for them.
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  14. Good point.. but u r used to the high because you smoke every day and the bud lost its psychoactive effect on you (aka tolerance) and u just get the pressing feeling @ ur head, hungry, and sleepy.

    If u quit for 1 month .. even 2 weeks... u will completely get blown by the next high
  15. Quitting studying or quitting weed? If you're quitting studying then you need to prioritise and quit weed but that's down to you
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  16. just quit weed bro and whenever your bored go out and take a breath of fresh air
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  17. Iol 25 days.. I haven't been sober in 9 years.
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  18. I agree lol before I sarted taking a break from smoking my tolerance was really high. i'm hoping it goes down some while I am not getting high for a while.
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  19. I don't think tolerance is the mind fogginess. The higher my tolerance is, the less of the fogginess i get. 3 rips from my bong gets me good, if I want to get red eyed high I'd smoke one more. Had to take a few weeks off earlier this year, to transition back to bud from dabs.

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  20. I meant the mind foginess when youre sober & at the top of your tolerance.

    When you have to smoke to feel normal.

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