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Tolerance questions!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by youngdumbhippy, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. I just got back in to smoking and I've been smoking 3-4 small bowls every day (like a little bigger than a one hitter).I smoke one or two in the afternoon and one or two at night. I'm kinda worried about my tolerance tho I've only been smoking for a week now do you think my tolerance is high by now I kinda feel it going up but i cant tell.
    Can anyone just gimme a guess what do you think based on your experience do you think my tolerance has gone up enough to waste weed.

    I'm kinda of a noob and I get paranoid about these things a lot so sorry for the cringe in advance.maybe I'm just to worried about smoking weed cause I don't wanna run out idk... but i wanna make my last nugs last till Sunday at least

    also this is my first post so hello:love-m3j:
  2. Well if your smoking consistently the same daily it will inevitably go up, that doesn't necessarily mean you need more weed or waste it that is really up to you. Your not going to get as stoned as you would from just starting again after a t-break, but it will still do it's job.
  3. Welcome to the forums :wave:

    As a moderate user myself, I like to keep my tolerance nice and low. However, building a tolerance isn't something you can really avoid. Especially if you are smoking daily.

    It normally takes me a couple of weeks for my tolerance to rise. You will realise when this happens because you wont get the normal feeling after your second bowl. The best way to stop your tolerance rising quickly would be to cut out the afternoon smoke. But this will only slow things down.

    If you are happy with the way you are feeling then prolong the time you take your next hit. Smoking when you are already high will up your tolerance quickly.
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  4. K thanks guys Im gonna smoke two bowls tonight and see how I feel.I just dont want to have to smoke 4 bowls to get the high I would usually get from 2 bows know what I mean.Thanks guys:wave:
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  5. Regular tolerance breaks will also help.
  6. Keep that thing as low as possible. You won't regret it. I took about 3-4 days off, then last night, as a little reward, I ground up about .2g, I packed one hitters, probably smoked about half of that .2g's and I was high as hell for about 4 hours (I took hits roughly every 20-30 mins). I received a lot of great advice from this forum, I'll spread some of my new knowledge with you. One week ago, a full bong bowl MIGHT have gotten me to that point, but it would fade quickly, and also take 2-3x the herb spent.

    I was a G a day smoker, then I cut back to a half G a day, which I noticed my tolerance dropping slightly, but really hardly noticeable. I decided to take a 3 days off, no smoking EXCEPT for a hit or two at night to help me sleep. By a hit or two, I mean less than .1g of herb. Also try to only smoke once per day, and you should be fine. Smoking less=lower tolerance w/o stopping smoking.

    OP I seriously recommend getting a little $5-$10 one hitter. I bought 1.75g's 3 days ago, and I've hardly made a dent in it. I hope to continue this new lifestyle until the summer when I go back home... how can I resist smoking blunts and getting drunk with my friends?:smoke:

    Be sure to always take a day off every now and then too :)! Sorry for the huge post lol
  7. Yeah just got one of those little cigarette one hitters there really useful for making bud last.I got about 2g's more or less and im gonna try to make it last the weekend thats the only thing Im worried about is smoking to much and then running out in the middle of the weekend I guess its all about self control and keeping my tolerance low

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