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Tolerance question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iTokeToo, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I was wondering, is ones tolerance directly affected by the amount of THC in their body? Say one needed to take a T-break but didn't want to wait an entire month, if they went through the steps to rid their body of THC (the steps usually taken to pass a drug test e.g. b12 pills, water, cranberry juice, etc) would that lower their tolerance or affect it at all?
  2. Not really man, times the only way. Your receptors to THC become desensitized over time, so time is the only way to lower a tolerence. Sorry bro :(
  3. aww that sucks lol. thanks man
  4. If I don`t smoke fore 3-7days It comes back for me.
  5. Yeah even the smallest of breaks help me when my tolerance is really high. I remember back in the day I would wait like 2 days and BAM I got sky high.
  6. Just waiting a few days gets my tolerance down enough to where I can smoke a bowl and be good to go.
  7. The best way to smoke 3 days in between, better yet from monday to thursday no smoking.
  8. Ive been on a break for like 2 months now haha. Im bout to go to a job interview and I know they drug test haha. If I do get the job though, the second I piss in that cup Im gonna get so fucking HIGH! hahaha.
  9. Well.. Vitamin B12 is just used to turn your piss color yellow.. so that definitely won't have an effect on tolerance! lol

    I've done a little personal, self project on tolerance. An everyday smoker such as myself is so accustomed to having THC in their bodies, that even a DAY off can make a difference in the high. It's really up to you man.. the longer you wait, the better the bake. But also remember, the longer you wait.. the more you CAKE ($$), which means the next time you bake, it'll be dro shake!
  10. haha, can you imagine someone hotboxing the bathroom after a urine test?

  11. I personally would just shit in the cup and be like , Whoooops. Lmao, I can see that event happening as well though.
  12. And handing the cup over to the doctor with eyes bloodshot as fuck, reaking of ganja, just like "Yeah I blazed right after I pissed in the cup broski"
  13. LOL! YES! Ask him if he wants to smoke a L. :cool:
  14. And handing the cup over to the doctor with eyes bloodshot as fuck, reaking of ganja, just like "Yeah I blazed right after I shit in the cup broski"
  15. Haha, I've smoked errday for so long, that when I get high it lasts for no more than an hour. Phat sesh, 5 cones, I'm sweet after an hour.

    Pwns because I'm sweet to drive to get munchies but it sucks because I waste heaps of weed :(

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